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SALES Booster: 7 Guaranteed Ways To Get Unlimited Web Traffic And 10,000 Sales In 30 Days –The Proven Techniques

SALES Booster: 7 Guaranteed Ways To Get Unlimited Web Traffic And 10,000 Sales In 30 Days  –The Proven Techniques

One of the best question that take the heart of all brilliant business owners as the years draws closer is ‘how can I increase my sales?’ This question is what makes the whole of business, because no sale no profit and no profit and while there is no profit the business is as useless as broken plate. But there are more road blocks on sale in the world of today, especially, when it comes to online atmosphere.
In this article today, we shall look at the guaranteed ways of getting at least 10,000 sales before the year end. 

“Business Can Not Grow More Than Its Reach”

Increase Your Reach: one of the best way to get over 10,000 sales before year end is to, increase your ‘reach’. what does it means to increase your reach, it simply means increasing your meaningful engagement, it means to improve the numbers of targeted prospects or buyers on daily basis. Business statistics has shown that, if a piece of Ad (advertisement) gets to 100 people, on average only one people will be interested. Though this claim is research-proved, but the case might be different if you shift from ‘organic’ reach to a more ‘concerned reach’, which is getting closer to those that have interest in what you are offering. This is otherwise called ‘targeted advertisement’. interestingly, the world is now a ‘social village’. what does this means, social media advertisement as good as it is, if 100% free. You can start your journey of ‘reach’ by going to social medias. There are many of them around, from their king Facebook,  Google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, twitter and a host of others.
You can start from creating Facebook page or group about your business, or if you have one you can learn how increase your page likes or get more likes free. 
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Socially Reaching Target Audience Is One Of The Sure Ways Because;
·        Its absolutely free
·        After Google, social media is one of the most daily-lodged-in website of nowadays
·        Apart from this, if you know how to do it, social media is the best place to caught up with your would-be costumers or clients
·        No need to hire programmers or any other tech support, just a click of post or share the visitors will be rushing in
·        Nothing like web hosting
·        Only the interested ‘fellow are engaged, so likelihoods of failure is minimal
·        When you are away on your own, your Ad is still visiting your ‘fans’ one after the other
5 Tips to Increase your Facebook ‘Likes’
1.      Email existing prospects to let them know you have a Facebook page  and ask for them to drop in and like your page and provide a link to reduce the friction of making that effort. In other words don’t make them ‘think”. Make it easy.
2.      Invite friends to seed you page if you don’t have any likes yet.
3.      Embed a “Facebook social plugin” on your blog in the right side banner preferably up near the top that provides the functionality for readers to ‘like’ your page even when they are not on Facebook
4.      Create a landing page as your welcome page encouraging ‘likes’ that is highly visible and obvious
5.      Create a Facebook reveal page to provide that provides access to exclusive content but only when you ‘like’ the page. This exclusivity can make them feel like they are part of the ‘club’ at a very simple level.

Press Out Your Message: Apart from this, you can improve your reach by publishing a press release about your business, to write this, there is not much difficulty, its just for you to be skillful in article writing skills. Or just for you to be blended in writing promotional write-up, you can come up with interesting ideas with you new or existing product, or better still, announce that you are hosting a year-end bonanza, or promo. If you are not that good to do it, you can hire expert to do it for you at cheap price.

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Get Quality And Distribute Quality Article: no matter what people might says, email marketing is still one of the best way to get those that your business need. This is because, articles is one of the best ‘discerning’ advertising method, let compare the internet as the broad way, and the visitors as passers by, while passing, browsers-by will only pay attention to write-ups that appeals to their problems. How will you feel, if you are going on the road on a sunny day thirsty, and find a shop with a placards in front of it that reads, ‘get free chilled water here’. will you not check on the shop? You said Yes! So also the case of article marketing it gets you ‘sets’ of people that are busy looking for what you have in your hand.

Why Does Article Works
·        If well written, its win the heart of potential buyers more easily (softly)  than any other type of Ad.
·        Good content on your blog/website is the only factor that can prompt the visitors your website, whenever they need something related to what you ‘carry’.
·        Just like email marketing, article is the second marketing system that guarantee recurrent visitors visit
·        Most or best article directories are absolutely free
·        Getting well written articles is significantly cheap
·        Once publish it stays on the site anything from 1 to 3 years
·        Once published you never need any work done, but it will continue performing its duty for you by getting you targeted traffic you cannot get for your self.
Using it is a wise idea, because all top online giants always use article as a ‘reaching’ channel to their clients

Get Only The Interested Traffic ONLY: any move to achieve 10,000 sales will prompt you to never get ‘ordinary traffic’, but to get in-touch with the best ones that need your appearance, these are people that are eager to see you bringing solutions to their questions. Just as said previously in this article, getting targeted traffic is like getting what you need for your business to survive. Getting targeted traffic is like getting what you need to double your profit. It can be likened to be getting your self a sales machine. 

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Bit The V Up And The P Down: last week Friday, I could remember one question I ask one of my younger sister (and the question is absolutely a puzzle), but I have already gotten the answer to it. My question is that, ‘why do people still fall into the hand of fraudster (deceivers) with the level of civilization of today?’the straight answer is that, ‘people love to have more for low price’. Biting the V up means, improving the value of your product or services and bringing down the price. No matter what you think of, human being always want more for few price.
Cheap price is the leading and only magnet (according to research) that is powerful to get the buyers ‘rushing’ any product.  Just in accordance with the law of demand (the higher the price the lower the quantity demanded and the lower the price the higher the quantity demanded), the law still hold, people always want ‘big’ goodies by paying low. So for you to get them with their psychology, bit your price down and step the value up. After all, its sure that people love more for less price. In fact, there are uncountable things you can do to bit up your sales instantly, if you are interested to know the Top 100 things you can do to increase sale (click here).

Learn To Be more Convincing: any product is marketable, if sensibly presented to the prospective buyers. A good marketing can make a poor product (to be) successful, while a poor marketing can destroy a good product.  However, for any seller to win the heart of buyers, he/she must be persuasive. ‘When I create it, buyers’ will come’ is an outdated-psychology, people are now hard to be convinced nowadays. Perhaps because there are more products than buyers or because there are more sellers than buyers. For you to stand-out and make buyers queue for your products (while neglecting other seller) you need to be exceptionally good in ‘converting skills’. to do this best, the best place to start is to think from the perspective of the buyers. After this, you need to know how to differentiate feature of your product and the uses. Also, you need to know how to present your product in such a way that the prospect will be convinced that your product or services is what they need to solve their problem. 

 Be Patiently Persistent
“Every sales representative knows to be persistent but as an entrepreneur, the important thing is to be patient while picking your times to be persistent.  Exercising the right amount of patience, as you determine when to follow up and when to lay low, in fact these times are inevitable in life especially .  the top two words people never want to hear is ‘patience’ and hard work’ but without the two, there is nothing like ‘good success’. here you need to know how to be patient while looking for what you lack or while pursuing your goals in life. You need to know that, good thing always take time. For honey bee to produce the sweetest foodstuff and the only foodstuff that do not spoil, it takes time. Follow the above steps and keep matching forward without looking back.

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