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TOP 5 Simple Practice That Will Upgrade You And Increase Your Productivity In No Time SERIES 1

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If you could ask right, you need to question that, ‘why do I need to upgrade my self? Life is dynamic; circumstance is always changing, Society and any other atmosphere changes as quick as possible. Technology and other science invention is reshaping the world like magic. To fit in, one must be able to response to change ASAP says Charles Darwin. To lead a successful live in this fast-changing world, improving on what you know how to do is the only way out. 
                            Most especially, in career or societal settings. This is all because, at everyday, people are becoming wiser and more knowledgeable. Gone are the days when, a learning lasts for life time, today at everyday, there is production of new skill, knowledge, development of new ideas, which render that of yesterday obsolete. All said and done, the only remedy is to support yourself and upgrade yourself, in order to remain valid at all time.
                          However, doing this might not necessarily need for you to re-enroll for college course, taking some small changes that ‘count’ is all you need. In this post today, You and I will learn ways of improving ourselves so that we will remain valid at all time for ourselves, government family and even at out work place.  



Strive To Better Your Time Management -‘It waits for no one be a good manager of it therefore’
Good manager of time, to be productive today and all day try to know the essence of time, know that time flies, time waits for no one, time is money, how you use your time is how you use your life, how you use your seconds is the result you are going to see in the next decade to come, learn to utilize time wisely by making schedules (don’t just use time as you see it, make directions of your time with adequate schedule) stick to plans and finally set a time limit for yourself. Seconds become, minutes while minute become hours. The quality and effectiveness you put to all seconds determine what your future will be. The future is not contained in the future, the future you expect is right in each and every seconds you use. Your destiny is as good as how best you use your time. Don’t be fooled, a second counts in making your life better. 

All minute carries unimaginable value. In fact, no prophesy is powerful enough to forecast your ‘returns’ in life than how judicious you use your ‘precious gold’. The Lord even say, ‘there is time for everything and time for every work under the heaven, no wonder he created all things at its appropriate time, (this means, with all HIS authority and power HE never play with timing. ‘if someone ask me how his future will looks like, I will tell him to check the beauty of every seconds in his life’ A. K Peter. And  Above all, appreciate yourself for the little you have achieved with your time, this will stare you to perform better than you think.

Absorb New Stuffs,

for you to keep been productive, valid and acceptable at all time, one great principle is for you to keep your brain, mind and soul in fresh, updated and sharp position. This is what is referred to as absorbing new stuffs. On other hand its simply means, learning new thing all day. If you would agree with me, the brain, and the mind are the two major source of inner vigor. And as a power house keeping them in good position and condition all time, help them to function at the highest gear. Take a look at your car engine, is possible for you to use it for complete one year without servicing it? No. this is because, as you drive it around, it get used up gradually, and possibly break down with fault if not serviced. Taking in new stuffs is the only way therefore, that helps to keep your brain status in shape.
How can you learn new thing?

  • By reading medical research report.
  • Sound and deep meditation.
  • Asking questions from people around you.
  • Reading of published journal that relate to you field.
  • Attending seminars and conferences
  • reading (good)books that challenge your belief.
  • Playing mind games.
  • Adequate exercising.
  • Listening to audio and DVD that add to your existence knowledge.
  • Reading novels. And many more.
One of the amazing thing about this is that, it helps to broaden your thinking faculty and widen your reasoning horizon. The result that will follows is, easy handling of threaten situations that ones toss you around and more meaningful living. 

Learn To ‘Learn’: people usually said, ‘learn from your mistakes’, but to balance the situation learn from both your failure and success, from your correct and errors. From the mistakes you learn what you ought not to repeat again, and from your good actions you learn what you need to do better. What you need to do more professionally. Learn to learn from both directions. However, you ability to accept or learn from whatever that happens to you reveal how far you are psychologically matured and how easy you will find it in dealing with any situation (either god or bad) that comes your way. Taking a look at the pattern and the lifestyle of the hero, they are set of people that learn from whatever that happens to them. Upgrade your perceptions about challenges, see it as an opportunity to discover something new and hidden.

Jack Up Your Voice: what do you think I mean hear? Jacking up your voice never means shouting. Everything in life is done through ‘word’. This in turn is called communication. Therefore any step to upgrade yourself should not go beyond improving your communication skills. From the law of attraction, your ability to communicate effectively (at any atmosphere in life), ultimately determine how much you are likely to get out of life.  There is such a great amount to think about discussion that anybody, even I, would ever figure out. To do this, 

You can go however watching syndicated programs; radio projects; clubs committed to open talking; normal discussions; certain standards still apply with regards to association through words. It might sound repetitive, I know, however despite the fact that it's your mouth that is taking the necessary steps, your mind works twice as difficult to produce a considerable measure of things you know. In the absence of all this, you yourself you can give yourself a personal and effective training on communication skill development. Sit down in one cool day, ask yourself, how best do you want people to talk to you, how softly or harsh do you want people to address you. Knowing  these, you will be able to know the right manner of approach to use for anyone, in such a way that, are friendly and inviting.  

Always Be Up And Doing: Steve Job become what he become partly because he belief in his idea. To get to your next level of potential, go all out to be a spontaneous acting taker. Getting ahead on your career is simple if you can be a spontaneous action taker, learnt to do instantly as you are thinking. There are people who love chattering without taking action. Words are only air, action make the great different.

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