Monday, 1 February 2016

Productivity: If You Experience Any Of These, It Means You Are Less Productive

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In every human endeavor, one of the things we love to achieve is more work done at shortest time possible, which is sometimes called productivity. this is because as the popular adages that says, 'time is money', so we love to  spend time on things that worth our time, i.e. things that will have a positive and lasting good effect on our life, by which we will also  get most benefit from every seconds we use. but there are certain thing that can serve as a yard stick for us to measure our productivity or non-productivity, the following are the scenarios we can use to tell if we are recording productivity or not.

Not Meeting The 'Time Target' : one of the first thing that usually comes first when measuring productivity is the amount of work accomplished in a specific frame time. so when you are finding it difficult to accomplish two third (2/3) of your daily schedules it truly means you are far from been productive enough. but you need to know that this is not always the case at all time, because there are circumstances that are beyond ones control sometimes, but when its always an habit for you not to complete 2/3 of daily task the productivity is less than your productive potential.

Empty Productive Periods: another signal of less productive hustle is that of empty productive period, this is when ones productive times are filled with not-worthwhile activity. a time you suppose to use on making a meeting schedule that you used to unnecessary mail or the time you should have used in thinking on how to make things beautiful on you business that you used on social media without meaningful purpose is  a emptied productive time, because instead of using such time on that irrelevant task there are other thing 'productive' you would have used it for.

Complaints From Boss Or Customers: for you to measure your productivity this doesn't require you to visit expert sometimes, the only thing you can do is to take a look at the reactions of either your boss or those who are your clients or customer. this is because one of thing these two set of people will never take for you is un-satisfactory performance. let imagine you approach someone to render a service for you and you paid such a person let say, an estate agent, and after paying him the next thing is that the apartment he secured for you is different from what you told him to do for you, won’t you complain? after you have handed him your hard-earned penny, I know you will. so also the case is, when you receives complaints from boss or clients/customers it means you are not productive enough, so that you need to brace up your productivity power.

Not Having Good Time: apart from the popular belief that you are productive only when you are busy working, this seems not to be true anymore, because there are time while you can be busy but which you will do nothing. this happens when you say you are so busy to the extent that you do not have the good time. but what are these good time?
The good time are the time you do things that affect your inner man, things you do that helps you to get things in a right mood in your 'behind the scene' atmosphere. examples of this time are the time you used to meditate, time for meaningful exercise and time to mix with good friends. 

NGR: did I hear you saying what the meaning of NGR? The simple meaning is 'no goal realization', though this might not quickly manifest, but when it has been an habit for you to get an achievement on a set goal, what that signifies is that there are hitches in your level of productivity, i.e. correct usage of time and appropriate application timing in whatever you do. The amazing truth about setting and achieving goal(s) is that, it has much to do with how quick and intelligent you are with time usage and action taking. If someone is good about making good use of time, there are higher possibility that he will achieve what he want even before time expected

Poor Emotional And Emotional Intelligence: contrary to popular psychology that, productivity is all about time management (alone), but since, all thing you do is done from a countenance, this means you emotion also counts. Emotional malpractice and poor mastering of ones emotional status, is a sure sign that precursor less-productive work-life.

Ignorance About The Need For Productivity: ‘have you ever seen a diver who disregard, diving flippers?’ what happens to him? He sinks. One of the foremost sign that precedes un-productivity is the ignorance of the impact of productivity in work-life

Lagging Behind, In Creative Skill: creativity is the act of creating something new from old method or principle (maybe about doing something or solving a problem or re-presenting a product or an idea in a new matter). When this skill is missing, when a working-creativity is absence, it signifies than unproductiveness has also set in. when creative sense is absent, one significant thing that surface is old ways of doing things (obsolete ideas) rather than the ability to synthesizing new and improved (less-stressful) ways of getting things done.

Speak And No Action (Lack Of Operacy Skills): for you to make something fictional to be realistic, it require someone to be up and doing. But when the opposite is the case, and only chatter and no action, when you love to talk about things rather than taking a step toward doing them you are less productive. Guess what! Having ability to brainstorm good idea doesn’t position you to be (in anyway productive). Things are done when you only take a step to do them, task are never executed by words.

EGU: part of un-productiveness is “egu”, which means ‘easily give up’, for someone who easily fed-up, productivity is ‘a-bit-far’ from such a person. When you find someone who, always get bored at doing what he/she supposed to do, when someone always find it frustrating to always take the next leap in doing anything, productivity is far from their work-life. Naturally, doing any good things always witness, road blocks (just as doing) what you take as profession (that fetch you your daily means of living). That is why easily giving up and productivity are opposite to each other.


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