Tuesday, 9 February 2016

4 Self-Development You need Now, For You To Increase Your Self-Worth

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In any career or life success, self development is not negotiable. The reason is clear, just as someone said 'it takes knowledge to get to the  top, but it takes attitude to stay there: this is because maintaining any notable and good position it has allot to do with how develop your intellect is. However, improving one self has allot to do with how much someone will achieve in life, this is because doing so determine what you will get from interacting with other fellow in the world be it in the family, school, employee, friends and co-worker. This is because people chose to play with butterfly instead of 'honey bee' this  is nothing but because butterflies are more friendly and harm-free to play with. Here are some ways of improving whom you are before the world.

Appreciate: over the past years of research and psychological analysis, one of the greatest gesture among man that produces result is appreciation. This goes with the saying that 'things are created to be used while person are created to be appreciated'. All things apart, some of the benefit of gratitude, which make it so effective is that
(1) it shows you regard other people's effort
(2) it shows them you value them
(3) it helps people to find reasons to do more good for you
(4) naturally it make you and the person feel satisfied
opposite of this is complaints. The only deadly image killing attitude I ever know is 'complaints'

Identify The Two ‘Opposites’ In You : for you to really develop to your full potential one of the things you must not left undone is discovering where lies your 'muscle' and where lies your 'cannot'. The need for this is because it will help you to concentrate on what you can do rather than disturbing yourself on what you cannot. This is because there are those who ignore what they can do, simply by thinking on what they cannot do. Its just like we have two pupils, one is good at mathematics while the other is good at English, the issue here is that the one who is good at math should take care of it rather than thinking on how to surpass his fellow 'English man' instead of focusing on how to improve more on his mathematical ability. The good news is that, try to improve more on what you know already and try to know more on things you know little before. It means know what you can do and what you cannot do. In fact people love those who comes out plain on what they can do and what they cannot do, but 'the know all' is who sees the other eye of people when the hidden thing got opened.

Learn Always: one of the thing that will keep you relevant all the time is what you know, and what you are knowing as time goes on. Other way to improve on whom you are is by adding to your 'virtual treasure', try to add more meaning to yourself by engulfing new thing, you need to know that not only will this add to your personal growth but also keep you brain fresh, sharp and young at all time. How can someone learn new thing.....................

See The Rose And Not The Turn: one of the thing things you need to work on for you to skyrocket your 'worth and value' in life is what you see when things turns 'back' as it usually will be sometimes. In every situation always see positive and in every human effort see appreciation instead of complaints. Doing this increase peoples perception towards you, even when you think its not.


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