Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fear In Business & Life? 5 Weak-Point Of Fear You Need To Know Now – Anxiety-Free Life Starts From Here


Have you ever asked such question that, how can I overcome my fear? Or how can I be free from fear? Or how can I have freedom from fear? Or how can I have freedom from fear? Congratulation this post will actually work for you. One of the thing that is common to everybody either old or young, men or women, black or white and any other tribe you might think of is fear. In fact, some people has always ask one single question all their life and that question is ‘how can I be free from fear?’. This is because within them fear is giving them o tough-time, hard moment and bitter life. But different from popular belief, knowing some things about fear can give someone upper hand over it, because one adages says ‘a known enemy is already powerless’. Here are things that worth knows about fear that will set you free from it totally.

Fear Is As A Result Of Wrong Expectation Because Of Fact We Already Knew: whether t you belief it or not the fear you are having is as a result of expectation of ‘black’ result. Most of the fears are being borne by the thought of assumption of evil occurrence. For instance if someone you like is sick, truly, its not the sickness that will frighten you, but the thought that, ‘what if this person dies’, or let say the person is about to undergo a surgery, (even if there has never been a casualty from such operation in the past), the number one thought that will spring to your mind is ‘what if this person dies’.  Or let say a student sat for an exam, and he performed very well, no matter how brilliant he might be, what will cause fear in him is that, ‘what of if he fails’.
And this is due to the fact that he knows there is possibility of failing, so also to someone who wanted to start a new business or career. This is the foundation of fear and panic that will then arrest your attention and concentration to real issue. That is why its good to know that for a better control of fear there must be a ‘proper’ control of your imagination during any ‘event’ in life. However while the pressure of is highest at early life and youthful age (due to peer pressure and other factors), at slightly old adult it reduces (because as we age we become more experienced at handling issues) and at earlier age we feel less or no fear because we understand little and our expectations are  is very small.

What We Fear Never Happen At Most Time: though this is amazing to belief, but its actually true. Over a time of psychological research it has been confirmed that 80% of what we fear about is never real. It has been found out that what people usually expect to happen (that usually cause fear) it never happens, they confirm that; while fear is as a result of our (wrong) expectation, but what happens in life is never determine by our expectation. This means that what happens in life are determined by God and not our expectation and no matter how high our expectation might be it can never dictate what happens

Fear Agent Is Included In All Days: fear agent here means the things that are capable of rendering us fearful. Such as unpalatable news report, certain history we knew, what people say and other things like this. You need to know that every day people die, every day accident happens, every day people are hospitalized and so many things.  What this means is that element of fear is evenly distributed in each day. The true reality here is that at all days we need to know that there are thing that will trigger fear in us but we need not to fear, in the Holy Bible “do not fear” was mentioned 365 times, what this simply means is that fear is included in every days of the year and we need not to fear.

Not All Fears Are Actually Bad: there is one popular saying that, ‘there is nothing which has advantages that does not has disadvantages’, fear as it is, has its own advantages. This is because fear can be constructive and destructive. While constructive fear triggers a positive action destructive triggers no action or sadness. Fear can be constructive when it triggers a student who has an exam to do to study hard (because of the fear of failure), while destructive fear can make another student to develop anxiety and possibly exam fever. While a productive fear might help you to take a solution-solving steps in the face of issues, challenges  and circumstances, destructive fear might arrest your thinking faculty and never to know what to do.

At Most Time Steps We Take And Fear Are Not Related: what do I mean here? Just as I have mentioned in this post, let say someone is sick, and his entire neighbor (because of the fear that he might die) begin to cry bitterly. You will notice that the two are not related. Sickness and cry is not related, sickness and treatment (to cure) is what relates. Now for someone to start crying for such an incident does not relate, that is why I said, at most cases fear and circumstances are never related.
Let say in a company, the boards of directors plan to sack less productive workers, the only thing that really help is for the employee to look for ways of increasing their productivity drastically, but for them to start panicking, fidgeting does not solve the situation and are not in any way related. That is why it’s good to know that the real steps taken when we are faced with fear is what will safe us from the bondage of fear.
Summarizing, the whole, fear is what we should fear itself. Making a step to minimize fear and divert it is what should be our utmost goal for us to be productive and increase life fruitfulness.


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