Wednesday, 29 June 2016

World Economic Crisis: If You Can Prevent These 5 Financial Mistakes You Will Have No Share In The Current Worlds ‘Money Dry-Out’

The fact that virtually all nations of the world are battling with economic problem is not an overstatement, just as it is obvious to the deaf and audible to the blind. The issues is becoming more critical day-by-day, it all started with USA, with the record of economic slow down. After which the, second economic giant have her own kick as well, i.e. China, when the Forex-trading got worse and the value of Yuan fell drastically. As if this is not alone, not long enough when Russia receives her own portion, of the menace. In fact, this economic plight cross over the boundary even to hit the black land, Nigeria (the giant of Africa) is battling with hers. Though this agitation is true, but discussing something that helps to bring the situation under control is what benefit, you, me and the government.

Unfortunately, expecting the government to run your family finance on your behalf is next thing to financial failure. However devising ways of leaving a financial prudence life is the next bet. Without any doubt, every finances start from the home, after which we can now talk of business or other governing atmosphere.  But saving more cash might be easy to think or hear but hard to do. Because, one thing is to not know what to do, another thing is to know how to do it; in such a way that problem will be solved. Even when you know how to do it then important to know how easy you can do it. This article will centre on ways of keeping your account grow during this ‘dry time’.

Coordinate Efforts

If you are married, make sure you and your spouse are working on the same agenda. You are no more single, you are now double, but why doing things in isolation. If one is trying to save money while the other is busy spending, what is the point?  When you work as a team, you can encourage each other to keep on track with your saving. You need to know that, financial issues are one of the top causes of divorce, from time immemorial. For instance, Paul R. Amato And Denise Previti from (The Pennsylvania State University) in a paper published Titled; People’s Reasons for Divorcing: Gender, Social Class, the Life Course, and Adjustment. They claimed that; financial issues (inability of either of the spouse to manage cash appropriately, incessant ‘broke’ as a result of wasteful spending, etc.) are some of the top causes of Divorce. It’s amazing, as they claim that, money issue also cause other health related ailment in people, sickness which (they said) it include: sleeping disorder, poor productivity, domestic unrests, attempted suicide, mental problems, and Personal life hardships. With your spouse, try to tailor things out, come out true for each other concerning your finances, and find ways (together) on how best you can live and be satisfied with the little you have. Doing this will prevent either party to ask for or request something you are financially un-capable to purchase. Because the situation on ground is already naked to both of you.

Buying On Credit is a habit that should either be brake or ‘keep under control’ to its minimum. Though at some time, situation might call for credit purchasing but the real truth is that, it mustn’t be over done. Instead, try to know how to live more ‘moderate’. Taking loans on credit/debit cards is easy but repayment is hard a-bit. Most especially when it attract high rate of interest. There is nothing more frightful and eye opening for the individual, then to see his or her cash depleting at an alarming rate, which is evident through cash transactions.

Budget And Re-Budget
Everyone should create a budget, and even re-construct their budget. What worth doing worth doing well, in time when things are ‘tight’ having a working and re-constructed budget, safe the situation. Life is not all about our philosophy all the time, circumstances are dynamic, try to re-construct your ‘spending plans’. Learn to shift to adapt to changing situation. If you are not sure how or just not good with money, many businesses such as H&R Block, offer free financial consulting to help you put a budget together.  Knowing where you are spending your money is by far the best way to save.  In most cases, people have no idea where their money is really going and once they see it on paper, not only are they surprised but eager to change their spending habits. Above all, a consultant can only give you ideas, you are the one who know what really work for you, sit down and dig deep on things you can do to get most out of the little ‘resource’ you are having.

Stop Any Addiction. One of the serious thing that can happens to someone in life that can cause huge cash leakage is addition i.e. uncontrollable desire for the consumption of a certain substance, but for the sake of surviving financial hardship dealing with any forms of addiction whether it’s  smoking, drinking or what ever, is one escape route.  The reason for this is that most bucks that are spent on these things is something, if added together. Just as the saying goes that ‘a drop of water makes a mighty ocean’ so also it is when someone start saving little-by-little when all spending on ‘addicted-item’ was pegged.

Live Within Your Means
The quickest way to get in debt is to live beyond your means.  Sure, most people want more than they have but life is not all about spending money. Cut your coat, according to your cloth. Be thankful for what you do have and learn how to enjoy the financialposition you are in.  This is where your budget will help identify the amount of money coming in against the amount of debt going out. You need to live within your means on how you eat, dine out or any other thing you do. And lastly, what work best for Mr. A, might work against Mr. B and vice versa. So in all you do, just as the satiation calls, apply the sense of ‘Moderacy’ (word copied from Wise Shopper), in every area of living, live simple and natural, with energy usage, gas consumption, or any other thing, go moderate and wise. This is not time to complain or blame anyone (not even the government). Apart from financial issue, with all issues of life, always apply the sense of ‘Moderacy’, the opposite of hard is soft, what is hard now, is not meant to be forever, all things happen with time, things are fallen back to place soonest.
Do you have other ideas that can be of benefit? Let us know, place your comment. 

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