Thursday, 26 May 2016

Free Learning: Top 9 Facebook Page Worth Joining For The Sake Of Personal Development - Where To Learn Free While Others Waste Time Online


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There is one thing that is ‘part’ of everyone nowadays. Old and young, black or white,
Not-regarding gender or ethnicity affiliations. This thing is Facebook. An amazing platform that; allow people to gather for mix-ups and chatter electronically, cheaply and efficiently from anywhere. No one can prove the ignorance of its existence, no one can deny hearing its campaign all around. However, with the alarming number of people joining this social platform on daily basis, there are use and miss-use of it. People are using it for productive and destructive purposes. While it’s a platform to be inform its also platform to be deformed for others. There has been cases of people who meet each other on the social platform who end up killing his victim.

Or a case of robbery. However, hackers are constantly making use of this platform to get cash out of the pocket of people who fall victim to them. This so called ‘cyber spying’, this is when hackers get log-in details of other Facebook users without their consent, and login-in into other peoples’ account to steal their details for their dubious acts such as fraud and other black practice like these. While this is true, Facebook is also a platform to learn the unlearn, a free resource to amass wealth of knowledge free of charge. If found, there are pages that worth joining and which worth every second use to surf them. Though Facebook record hundreds of million visitors each minute, but research has it that little among this population do what is worthwhile, while large amount of other users are only doing what can only be describe as 'useless'. In this post, we are to examine Facebook pages that worth joining.

  • Energy Therapy: if you ever wonder that, could good things always be free? The best answer is this Facebook page. Energy therapy is a page dedicated to posting and sharing of stuffs that are life-rescuing and life improving. Most of their post are varying and interesting. Sometimes on health at another time on marriage, at some other period on health and so on.

  • Inspiration: this is a portion of the good part of Facebook pages. This page is dedicated in posting ‘substances’ that life needs. Some of their posts are inspirational and motivation related. However at some times they do post short prose, in form of ‘moral lesson story. In fact, the page worth’s joining.

  • Legion Africa: with this page you benefit one of the timely and up-to-date facts, research works, discoveries and amazing stuffs that make internet worth surfing.

  • Feelings: you are social animal so also was I. feelings is a Facebook page that deals with the publish of posts that tends to strengthen human-to-human relationship. Latest gist and hint for a successful relationship. Not this alone, at times, they post stuff that are educative, informative and entertaining. In fact, browsing through their page is never a wasted time.  

  • Psychology Today: just as the name goes. The page is the official Facebook page of psychologytoday dot com. This page is a platform through which all the posts on their websites are shared with their social media lovers. On this page, thing like psychology-related and other things that are read-worthy are shared now and often

  • Bryant Mcgrill: like other ones, this is one of the one of a kind page that shared unfiltered, ultimate and useful info. Info’s that are timely and of full value are shared there.

  • Pick The Brain: when you think of getting free knowledge about any topic, the only page that bring it right to the door of your timeline is ‘pick the brain’. One of the things I love about this site is that they only share what is beneficial. Even if it were not publish on their website, so far they knew it will benefit you, they will share it right away.

  • Success Magazine: just as the name rings, success magazine is concerned with piece that draws you closer to success in life. Hint and tips that help to fast-track your possibility of reaching your goals. This page is your one-stop ‘notice board’ with all needed gist’s that help you to tread the right part to your desired destination in life. It worth joining belief me.

  • this is one of the exclusive page I can never joke with on Facebook, I can call it free knowledge depot. All things are pure, natural and practical. Stuffs share on this page include general topic articles, political, family or research works at time. on the other hand, all post on their website are pasted here for their loyal followers on Facebook to enjoy.

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