Monday, 1 February 2016

Want To Stay Active And Productive – Stop these 5 mood poisoning (BAD) thoughts

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Thought are the voice of the heart that dictates how we feel, while feeling is the state of the body resulted from various thought of the mind. Just as we have productive thought, so also w have destructive ones. Our mood is determine by the type nature and of the thought that dwell in our mind, either sour or sweet.  just as demonstrated in this short story:
its quite a long time that Mr. Peter had been studying Miss Mary (both of whom were co-worker), this is because the young girl always look gloomy and dejected, and not happy at all time. But after some logical interaction between the two it was learnt that the little able girl is battling with "mood-poisoning thoughts". But, this does not only pertain to "Mary" alone so many people are also experiencing the same today.
This article will examine the mood poisoning thought that need termination so as to increase productivity.

"I Am Not Important" in any human gathering everyone aimed at so objective and interest, such as the need for the organization to recognize their presence, effort and commitment in such an atmosphere, this account for why human been always crave for acknowledgement. So, one of the mind poisoning thought that comes into someone’s mind it the road to dis-productive is "I am not important", practically there is no need to have a thought like this because, in real sense every citizen of an organization or job is collectively important, is just as when one eye claim not to be important in vision. The only bad effect of this is that
(1) it kills the "will power”
(2) it destroy the inner assurance of been successful

Others Do Not Like Me: the second mood poisoning thought is this, truly everybody love to be loved by people, but their is no one who is not likeable, so the any thought that someone is not loved is poisonous. What is need to be realized here is that everybody is sun in another persons world. No matter the situation you need to know that you are created as a result of someone’s prayers - so you are real joy.

Things Do Not Go As I Want: in life its no more a new thing that everyone will surely face challenges from down till dust, this means things will surely goes unfavorable at one time or the other. The only positive thing that help the situation is to dance to the tune of life and know also that we are all in the same bandwagon, that is why committing suicide is just a mistake since there are people who's situation is serious than yours.

I Am Not Perfect: another giant thought that hunt down people’s thought is that of perfection, deep in every body’s heart we seek the good somebody perception. The only thing that need to be know here is that no one can be 100% perfect, so seeking the need to be perfect to everybody is the surest way to destruction since no one can satisfy human need no matter how try you may endeavor.

I Can Not Do It: just as the above thought is this one. Thinking on doing something is faced with the fear that maybe we can do it, this is because it has been proven that as we grow old we are more concern with what others think of us even more than our purpose of doing the thing.

By now you should have known (from this article) that, your thought and your mood are related closely, doing away with all thought like these is what safe the situation, for new, sweet and interesting work-life to be experienced. Your c


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