Monday, 1 February 2016

Productivity - 6 Anti-Productive Habit You Must Dump Now

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Life, life, life, one of the most threaten thing about life is that, all good thing in life always come in a company of a challenge. That is why they said good thing never come easily, that is why, for us to produce new chicken a beautiful egg must be cracked(hatch), for a seed to grow so that we have a new tree (with interesting fruits), the seed need to spend some times in the soil, rot, die and then grow as a new plant. As this scenarios so also is what we want to achieve in life and the challenges that comes our way, for us to achieve our goal(s) these are the things we must fight and win now.
 What People Says And Think About You, the best way of explaining this can be for me to made you to remember when last you wanted to do something (new), maybe in your family, academics, or personal life and you think about what people are thinking, you will think that, 'will they not mock me', will my friends love what i want to do' or 'does my spouse have interest in my this idea' and many more thinking’s like this. What you need to know is that, research has proved it that as we grow old we think first on what people will say about what we wanted to do more often than when we were young, that is why you also think like that, but what you need to do is to first make sure your aims are just and realizable then move on and never look back, until you get it done (know that most people will discourage you because they can never attempt what you try to attempt)
Your Emotion, the other thing you must fight is your emotion. I want you to know that for you to succeed you need to know how to identify and terminate some evil emotion. Emotion is the body of your body, when you need to study (as a student), it might be this time you will feel sleepy or tired to read (from your mind), so at a time like this you need to know that what your emotion is saying is an enemy to your academics pursuits. Just as a business owner, when you plan to make another plan so that your business

Thought Of Not Now, if they said there is one thing to fight for a productive life to be created I think that thing is the 'not now' or 'not yet the time' thought, the reason for this is glaring, when one has formed the habit of not now his habit will be, postponement of 'now' necessary task to the future time that might never come, and this will consequently resulted in missing of opportunities, wastage of productive moment, and other good  other consequences like these, he who wanted to be productive must be up and doing, you must be will to do more than you plan, you need to know that what you do now has more vale than what you pros pone till the next time, though you might think that later is good but the benefit in doing it now is great and more profitable, remember there is time(specific time) for every task and action under the sun.
Over Confidence With Time, just as the previous one the next thing is the habit or attitude of been overconfidence in the usage of time. Part of the proper time management is to draw up your task(schedule) chart, arrangement of what you have to do(in order of importance) and putting yourself under time limit for each task. Therefore most people feel too big in doing this they belief in the old 'head-timing' of each job and they claim that they never productive, you need to know that, if you keep on doing the same thing you will get the same result and if you want outstanding result you have to take outstanding and new steps like setting and proper usage of time.

Inability To Be Organized, for you to make any considerable changes or performance in anything you do getting organized is non-negotiable. You need to get organized. Just as a scattered broom cannot sweep so also is a disorganized mind can not produce any notable result. Have ever notice a day when you thinking of some else (who is not around where you are) and you wanted to call someone near you, you will discover that you will call the person the name of the person you are thinking of, so also is it with a disorganized mind, it will be difficult for it to cope with the current situations while dwelling on things of the past. For you to get organized
forget things of the past - just learn from them, they have happened and you cannot repeat and re-do them.            

 The Future Is Yet To Come - don't panic about it, just do something (each day) that will help you to create the kind of the future you love (sitting down and thinking, dreaming on the future will yields no result its only what you do for the sake of that future that will pay off.
Concentrate in 'now' the past have passed already(its has become an history) the future is yet to come the only time you have as an opportunity for you is 'the current time you are now', so for a productive and fruitful to be created in your life, pick lessons from your past and use it as raw materials to create the glorious future you desire. With this you will get organized and more focus on things that worthwhile only.

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