Monday, 1 February 2016

Productivity: 4 Quotes That Will Re-Fuel The Hard Working Engine In You And Re-Focus Your Mind

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Just as someone said, 'the rich and the poor both have 24 hours to use in a day and seven day to use as a week, but the different is how they have used it'. Another one says, 'successful and the unsuccessful have the same time in life but what they have achieved is what reflect how judicious they have make use of there time'. These two words simply means that all we do in life has to do with whether we record success or failure, that is why hard working towards what is 'needed' is very important. But along the line and along the race as a human being, there are time we feel used-up, tired, and feel like giving up, that is why re-fueling the 'engine' working within us is most important. However, this is easy (only) when we know how to go about them, just as its also difficult when its not known. The following quotes will help you to refuel the hard working man within you

1)     Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil. - J. Paul Getty
The meaning is as straight as a ruler. for you to record, success worth jealousy, you need to be an early riser, one saying goes thus, ' the early bird catches the worm', but what happens to a later riser bird? They go about in hunger, instead of full stomach. You need to be an early birth, to seize opportunity, to prove to the world that, your business means a lot to you and that, you are always there (and timely) for your boss and costumers'. the second word, 'work-hard', just as mention in the book "The A-Z Of Productivity", 'working hard is as smile as 1, 2, 3, its only that people fear it. the simple meaning is, know what you want to (or should do), know how best to do it and doing it to your fullest potential'. Hard work is best define just as the above. the third word, while other are sleeping you should do something worth more than sleeping, research, meditate and dig deep within the huge potential God deposit in you. 

2)                       ‘There is nothing impossible, even the word says I’m possible’
Taking a close look at how impossible is written, you will noticed that when written well its means 'I’m possible' which tries to tell you that even the word impossible is somewhat possible. Is telling you that, your goals aims and objectives are certainly possible, even though to you is not. Nearly at all time, all good things always seem impossible to be done its ones mindset needs to be re-shaped to make it so.

3)                       ‘In ten years time you will regret chances you never take and opportunity you never seize’
What this is telling us is that, for every action you take you are trying to take a chance and opportunity. But if you feel too sad or stressed to take them, you tends to miss the benefit and advantages that follows. Don’t forget that life is all about taking chances and seizing opportunity. Your ability to excel  is more determined in your ability to see opportunity in any adversary and the readiness to take chances of grabbing it.

4)                       He who cannot endure cannot enjoy’
The straight meaning to this is that, for a good to be enjoyed there are prices that need to be paid. The best example of this is the inventions we enjoy around today, raging fro computers, ipads and other effort relieving gadget we used today. The fact that we see them freely today, has made us to assume that creating them is easy. But the truth is that most of these things take years of prolonged effort, trials, stress, experiments and sleepless night to be developed. What we are to learn here is that, 'any meaningful achievement takes time, its has not just started, it has been so from the starting of the world.


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