Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Productivity: 5 Ways To Be Hard-Working Without Trading Your Strenght And Mental Effort

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and
learning from failure." - Colin Powell
Over numerous period of time of various (inter-personal observation of human nature), it is obvious that one of the most threaten word to hear is that ‘you must work hard’, or ‘ you need to work very hard and seriously’.  Especially if someone is about to take on tasks which are entirely different from (what someone is used to before) enroll for a college, or take on a new job, even when its time to enter into marriage and other thing like it; the most common word(s) from peoples’ mouth is ‘you need to work hard’.

Young Atoyebi peter has just got his letter of admission from one of the country’s most prestigious higher institution of learning, this came after he has successful passed all his high school papers. He was full of joy and happiness, everyone in the house was also celebrating with him on his victory even the blind can see than joy in seriously taking charge in peter’s family. Not long that something unexpected happens, it was peter’s uncle who entered and met them on the festive, but what cause the problem was his advice for the celebrant which is just a simple sentence, which says ‘peter you have a long way to go you need to walk hard’, this was the only word that derails peters ‘palatable’ emotion. Because he doesn’t know what is meant and the next thing to do.

Interestingly, it’s not the notion of people for saying this is the real problem, the real problem is that people who ‘receive’ this (at most time) do not actually know what it really means. For the purpose of understanding I will like to use the example of john the newly admitted student. It is true that success is not a destination but a journey, and for a successful journey there are some things that tells if it will be successful or not, however for any successful life and career to be ‘lead’(live) hard work is the very first things non-negotiable. For you to be hard working this is the simple interpretation of it.

Know Exactly What Had Happened; The number one thing is knowing exactly what you are to do(the task on ground to be done), the task ahead of you, the war you are to fight, the question you must provide answer for and the puzzle you need to solve. For peter, the task ahead of him is that he is to relocate to another environment entirely which is different in all ways to that of his high school. One of the secret of starting and finishing well in any race or activities in life is to know what all you are about to do entails; which include all the challenges, trials and shortcoming that it will involve. Also for you to know what will be your gain advantage and positive change it will give you in the long run. This is what is referred to as counting the cost, when you know the positive and negative cost(s), doing it to the most satisfactory level will never give you a ‘mind shake’.

 What To Do: The next thing is when you are to perform the task. Also from the story-example the right time when peter is expected to accept the admission is immediately. The second meaning giving to hard working is knowing when a task, assignment, effort, action is to be taken. Just as the popular saying that ‘there is time for everything’, so also in productive-driven life time is of essence. Knowing when to do something after you have known what you are required to do is a great knowledge towards hard working. For peter one of his duty is to know when to report at the school, when to attend lectures, when to complete and submit assignment and when to study and have personal activity doing. This also applies to every areas of career and not academics alone. Maybe in an office knowing what to do and when to do it is a serious step towards been hard working.

 ‘Common Sense Trick’ The number three thing is ‘knowing the right method to use/employ’ for the task. Just as different strategies work for different endeavor, the ability to identify from various techniques of ways of carrying out a task, that is less time consuming, less effort taking and most effective is highly important for a positive result giving life. Competence is the ability to apply knowledge and skills efficiently, when you know how best to do things you are actually competent. In the case of peter, he needs to determine if he’s to read by day or night, the convenient time he should visit the library and other things as well. In any organization knowing the best way to short things out differentiate a productive staff from ‘ordinary staff’ that is why it’s so important. This is also called a common sense of task execution. 

‘Optimum Action’ Last, doing it ‘utmostly’, the job is well done when this is done. What doing it to your utmost means is that what you want to do should be done without reservation of your potential. Doing it with all psychological and physical effort you have. Doing it with all strategies you know and which is convenience for you. This is when you can do it with all method you can ever imagine. One of beautiful thing in life is that we can perform more than we think its only that we discover them when we maximize our true effort.


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