Tuesday, 1 March 2016

7 Ways To Get A Task Done Before Schedule-Smart Peoples Working Techniques

At Most time, some of the thought that usually comes to mind whenever we want to do a task is ‘how can I finish this task behind schedule? This is because we love to have time left to do other thing that matters in life. Such as friends, families, co-workers, having fun and other merriments. However, while doing this is possible, some people’s conclusion is that it’s not. To save the discussion, the following are the steps to take to get things done behind scheduled.

Imagine To Build: have you ever seen a builder, no matter how talented or professional he might be who will never imagine the structure to be erected and just begin to build all together? You said no, so also for you to accomplish any task before scheduled, the first thing you need to make is to imagine the task. However, imagining to build is not only knowing what exactly you want to do alone. It also means
  • Knowing what you want to do – this means you must know the exact task, its nature what it will cost you and all physically and emotional effort it required. After this, in imagine to build, you should also determine when you are required to do them, one thing is to know what to do, other thing is to
  • Know the appropriate time you should do it, that is why you will find serious people saying, ‘there is time for every thing’, so that you wouldn’t do the right thing at the wrong time and the wrong thing at the right time. The fact that something is good doesn’t say it should not be timely; timeliness in whatever that is done is not negotiable.
  • And lastly, for you to imagine to build you must know the best and efficient method to use, this is the easy and time saving approach to be used.
Know these help you to fulfill the principle of imagine to build which will help you to complete a task behind scheduled. 


Crack It Down: have you ever imagine how road engineers are able to take down high mountains during construction process? What happens is that, with a special machine called excavator, they will find a way of cracking the rocks with other tools in to small pieces that is easily movable and this they will do until a high hill will be brought down. This techniques can also be applied in the field of productivity, by cracking a huge task down into small and ‘executable portion’, at times facing a huge task might be a kind of hard-working, but before long (if the task is not cracked down), it will feel boring and cumbersome which will later scare you away. But by chopping large task down into strains it will help to accomplish ‘work-to-do’ at no time.

Time Tabled It: one of the thing that has ever help to simplify a tedious task is to create routine for what you do. From the advantages of specialization we learn at high school (if you are not forgotten), is that specialization increases expertness and more efficient; which means when you make it a routine to do a task it helps to;
·        You don’t need to waste productive time on decision making any more
·        Tedious task are turned into interesting ones with routine. Also,
·        It helps you get it done without anybody remembering you
·        Routine helps to master time more effectively

Invite External Hand: one of other action that helps you to realize a goal is to crowd sourcing. One of the thing about this is that, hiring someone else who is specialize in a certain task will not only effective, it will also make it fast and less time consuming.  This is because while you might be involve in more than one job at a time, they are only specialize on what they are doing, this positioned them to be more effective and give them to render professional service. Remember that is there way of making a living, so doing it is a means of getting money and winning your heart as there customer will prompt them to work extra best. I could remember while I started my blog, what I did that really helped me allot is that I hired the service of those who are familiar with website building and those who are professional at it. 

Sing ‘Your Praise’: one of the shortest routes to success is singing one’s praise. Though to some people this might sound odd, or they might call it pride or bragging, but the truth is that for you to record outstanding success in life seldom singing one’s praise is the magic that make things happens. Pride: which is improper elevation (exaggeration) of one’s achievement in such a way that annoy other’, singing self praise is not like this; it is a positive acknowledgement of one’s ability to something that is worthwhile. This helps to re-light the hope someone has in getting things done, it also serve as a source of personal inspiration and motivation. For instance, singing self praise is when you sit down and think on a particular project or goal you wanted to achieve but which you have never achieve, now you now sit down and look at the journey so-far and you see that you have done a great deal of job and you acknowledge that you’ve really tried; this is what we call ‘singing self praise’. 

Pray: if you could tell if, things we never planned for happens, so there is no need for me to include this point. What I am driving at is that, at times things we never planned happens at times that double-cross our good intentions (and which actually terminate it), if this is possible this means the spiritual realm certainly exists. And most importantly, all activities in the physical realm are been controlled from the spiritual world. That is why the bible says, ‘pray for you not to get into temptation’, failure can be tempting, sickness can stop your progress and it can be tempting, bad luck can also be tempting, death of a partner, family member or friend can also be tempting, accident can be tempting, hindrances can also be tempting and painful, the list goes on and on like that. Been the only way to talk to God, praying can help you to ask for whatsoever blessing you want and you will be given, also accomplishing a task before schedule will also be possible.

Stay Put (No Matter How): truth be told, the place of persistence can never be substituted. This is because, there are things that tends to work against productivity, refuse to stop yourself from procrastination or let people around you neither what you see nor hear. ‘Herman Kahn ones said, ‘his success is base on 67% thinking and 33% action.
Determine to be determined, make it an habit to be an action oriented person, always try to utilize your potential in spite of all oppositions. Be innovative, overcome all possible obstacles. Guess what, for ‘honey bee’ to produce the sweetest food substance (and the only food substance that never get spoil), it takes persistence, non-stop trial and a mind to make things happen.

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