Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Beyond Productivity: 11 Thing That Reveal That You Have Inner Peace-The Secret Of Lasting Joy


Be on the lookout for symptoms of inner peace. The hearts of a great many have already been exposed to inner peace and it is possible that people everywhere could come down with it, in epidemic proportions. This is because, how to have peace of mind is one of the best and greatest questions to ask, and which virtually everybody asks. To save words, the following are the symptoms of a peaceful inner mind and a serene inner peace.

1)   A Tendency To Think And Act Spontaneously Rather Than On Fears Based On Past Experiences: one of the symbol of a 'heart at rest' is that such a person will be more concern on taking step on issues you think with immediate effect rather than thinking and over thinking on past happenings. While the experience of the past is there to scare us, the best thing is to act as if failure is never real, when this is done, opportunities will not be loss and chances of success will not be missed. 

2)   An Unmistakable Ability To Enjoy Each Moment: one of the simplest thing that signifies a heart of peace is that, its the one that has a good experience of every moment. We all have each moment (moment of laughter and sadness) in our life, but the only thing that is different is our ability to enjoy every portion of each moment.

3)   A Loss Of Interest In Judging Other People: when issues occur, a man with inner peace will find it difficult to judge other people. This is because they know that, no body is a fool it’s only that we all think differently. That is why, judging other is never their hobby, as some people do. They never judge because they know that, they themselves is venerable of making mistake(s) at any moment.
4)   A Loss Of Interest In Interpreting The Actions Of Others: when you those who are good in interpreting the actions of other people you will notice that they are the least to be happy. But a man with a peaceful mind will never interpret the action of people, this is because interpreting the action of people usually leads to frustration and consequently anger (especially when it’s been miss-interpreted). 

5)   A Loss Of Interest In Conflict: when someone ask you whom a peaceful-minded-man is, the best answer is to show them a man who dislike conflict. Peace of mind is first displayed with inner calmness that never in any time been into conflict and clash.

6)   A Loss Of The Ability To Worry. (This Is A Very Serious Symptom): one secret of peace of mind is that all interest to worries and weary will be loss totally, this is because a someone with peaceful mind will have known what worry and weary is, though is not possible not to worry, but a pacific soul know when to worry (a little) and not to translate it into weary.

7)   Frequent, Overwhelming Episodes Of Appreciation: a solemn soul is the soul that has time to appreciate all things around and in his life. The truth is that there is great joy in appreciation naturally it boost you self-confidence and your level of heart-contentment, that is why its popularly said that ‘count your blessings’ this is because when you do, you will discovered that you have more thing to appreciate God for.

8)   Contented Feelings Of Contentedness With Others And Nature: a being with a tranquility mind is the one that always feel comfortable. They never get too anxious of everything in life, nor too hasty in doing things in any time. When you notice that you love to take moderate steps on getting things done it means you possess an inner peace.



9)   Frequent Attacks Of Smiling: ‘no one is completely dressed up without wearing a smile’, when you discovered that you always put on bright smiles, even when things is not that perfect as you think, it means you have receive a gift of inner peace which is a great gift. Happy people live in a happy world and quarrel people live in a quarrel world. That is why a smiling face has in it a peaceful mind.

10)                An Increasing Tendency To Let Things Happen Rather Than Make Them Happen: wanting things to happen is more threaten sometime, but when you love to accept things rather than sitting down regretting on what life has given you it means you are peaceful inwardly. 

11)                An Increased Susceptibility To The Love Extended By Others As Well As The Uncontrollable Urge To Forgive: have you ever seen a man who love to forgive other fellow man, this is a man who has the ‘most’ peace of mind. In life we are living being living among each other, and this make it possible to step on toe{s} of each other, people will offend us, we will offend ourselves, expectations at times will fail us but when we have a mind of forgiveness, a heart that settles issues, a mind that love peace, there is great possibility that we will have a great peace in our mind.

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