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8 Things Highly Productive People Do When They Are 'LessBusy'-How To Use Pastime To Your Advantage

8 Things Highly Productive People Do When They Are Less-Busy-How To Use Pastime To Your Advantage


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The truth that we are not (at all time busy) is true. At one time or the other we take time to do 'nothing', at this time, we feel an interesting interaction with what is going on within or without us. This is time when we have opportunity to stay un-engage with any task. But one proverb says, 'an idle hand is the devil workshop' or devil's work partner; ironically, 'pass time' is among the factor that determine how progressive, active or interesting our life will be. This is because: been idle involve two things either we are positively 'involved' or the other way round.
                Anyway, as it’s possible to use 'busyless' time to our advantage, it can also be used to our detriment. (In the bible), the most deadly sin King David committed was committed when He was less busy at home (while He supposes to be at war front).
Practically, it has also been discovered that, we synthesize the best of thought when we were alone, so also the bad one (if time is not taken). In this 'alphabets' today, we will look at what and how super successful people do with their 'pass-time'.

Productive Psycho-Digging: looking for anyone with high intellectual? The first trait that single them out is "productive digging", while they are less busy they sees it as an opportunity to dig-deep productively. But, why do I use 'positive', this is because unlike the less effective people who engage themselves in unnecessary over thinking, for them, its time for constructive, analysis and comprehensive problem-solving, progress-bringing and change bearing brainstorming. Either at broad day light or at night, this is when they 'toiled' around (in their upstairs) for better ideas, creativity approaches, and result oriented inspiration.

They Visit Their 'Best Light Activity': one of the popular saying goes as 'all work with no play, makes jack a dull boy', ranging from listening to classical songs (as that of Albert Einstein), to chess, dart, monopoly and playing musical instrument among others. Successful people always have time to do their 'best light activity'. This is because by doing this they are able to connect to their inner-most self, which is the ultimate source of self made motivation. While some people count this as unnecessary (all in the name of seriousness and success mindedness), highly successful people make it a duty to perform seldom their hobby.

They Attend To The 'Left Over': if you can ask me why are the highly successful people are that so successful? I will tell you that, at their 'less-busy' time they deal with previously side-tracked tasks.
This is when they have time for things that are not that necessary that would have occupied their precious time. At all time, its not all task that worth holding up our efforts-that is why task promising is part of productive work-life.  

They Shift Their Career Temporarily To Bookkeeping:
what does this means? while they are still less-busy, they have time to change their profession. The straight meaning of this is that, while productive people 'dealing with nothing', they access how far they have went. The truth is that, without checking how much you have done you can never know how fast you are moving. To do this they always use their empty period to account their activities.

They Relax In-And-Out:
let me ask a question here, 'what will happen to an car engine that has been using overtime without servicing?' it break down! Ok, fine, this is just one of the secret of highly productive people, they find out to 'lay their engine' into rest. Human being are tissue being, and tissue is subjected to 'wear and tear', but having adequate time to rest and relax, will help to give body system the opportunity to regain vigor and get recharged. Been idle is not ideal so also is over-activity (prolong work time without resting), it has been found to contribute to ulcer, cancer and other ailments. To do this, they make sure they do away with any ‘attention-arresting’ tasks, not even social media or television, neither any heart bothering thought. This is the time they unwind their mind of anything putting heavy load on it.

They Express Gratitude: just as someone said, 'its only the 'great fool' that will not be grateful', highly productive people not among the 'great fool' always find time (when they are with 'themselves'), find time to express their gratitude. Starting personally from themselves, they see themselves as an hero,  They acknowledge those that had positive impact in their life.

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