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FREE Money Unclaimed: How Couple Save $5,000 Monthly On Shopping Without Coupon Code -Get Most Out Of All Your Single Penny

FREE Money Unclaimed: How Couple Save $5,000 Monthly On Shopping Without Coupon Code -Get Most Out Of All Your Single Penny

The fact that in every-day-life, we (surely) engage in buying one stuff or the other is sure. In fact, nearly every second there is thought of buying one item or the other in heart. The reason for this is not that hard, it’s only because we surely live on something. From Abraham Maslow need hierarchy; the major human need goes from food, shelter and (other) social needs. This is why ‘human being will always live to spend and spend to live’. Taking a critical look at shopping (purchasing), the next-wise question that should come to mind is ‘how can I save?’ or ‘how can I live satisfactorily on little income or maintain a good spending habit?’  Peter and Mary, young couple living a fulfilling life, in an interview with them they share how they are able to make that smooth for about ten years. Though to some people, saving ‘huge’ each month might seems impossible, but when things are done rightly, the possibility of getting most out of your pulse is ‘optimally’ possible.

In this post, you will discover how to save big each month and have a rest of mind, in money matters.

Plan and tracking: “he who fail to plan, planned to fail”
If there is any small ‘word’ with big meaning, the word is planning. Before the earth was form it was first preceded with planning. Planning is foreseeing and preparing condition for an expected event(s). Planning is the first and a great way to saving; in fact it’s the first assignment to carry out.  Before you go to the grocery store, make a list and stick with it, ‘we all make list, one thing is to make list another thing is to stick to the list’ i.e. been faithful with the list you make.  If considering a vacation, plan everything.  Heading out with no set direction will certainly lead you to impulsive spending.
After planning, it’s good to track, In order to keep on track with your debts and credits; you need to use some type of software such as Quicken or Quick Books.  This will keep you focused on your goals and tasks while you strive to achieve them.  Additionally, rather than buy software programs to download, first check or to see if there are free versions to download. The true word is that, having a successful financing will require of you to know how to trace your ‘cash’ outflow. Allowing free flow of cash might give you a big blow (latter on), monitoring your debts and credits is the best idea.

  • Apportion Your Consumption “do not live to eat, but eat to live-have other good purpose in life other than eating alone”
Ironically, skipping this tip might render other tips ineffective. Considering how necessary ‘eating stuff’ is, its good to think on ways of spending less on it. The true about life is that, ‘we must eat’, even in various research and non-research findings, spending on food stuff shares the greatest portion of the income. While this is true, a step to reducing spending on food is the sure bet. Make a plan for meals; try to estimate daily, weekly or monthly expenses on foodstuff (if possible). At some time shift to ‘little recipes’, these are recipe that you can make with simple ingredient, ingredients you can find cheaply around, that are more readily available and less expensive. 

  • Freebies
Check out freebie sites such as or where you will find all types of sample items ranging from cosmetics to books to clothing.  Most have no shipping charges and the ones that do are minimal.  By filling out a few forms, you will receive sample size soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners, etc., which are ideal for the traveler. The truth is, this is as simple as doing it while you are busy, instead of spending huge ‘fruitless’ time on social media, part of it can be used on these sites.
  • Life Satisfaction
Learn how to enjoy life and nature rather than possessions.  The next time you feel like spending money, head to your local park where you can enjoy the warm sun, green grass, and towering trees without spending a dime.  Being happy in life is far better than buying item after item.  Having an inner peace is better than having a house filled with “things.”  That does not mean you cannot enjoy some of the finer things in life it just means learning how to be happy with yourself and not “things.”
  • Thrift / Surplus Stores
Unfortunately, thrift and surplus stores have been given a bad rap.  Many of these stores are filled with hundreds of top quality items.  Name brand merchandise is easy to find but just like clearance racks, it takes some time to find.  Find a thrift or surplus store close to where you live and then plan spending some time to find those outstanding bargains.  One woman in Kansas City, Missouri located such a store about 20 minutes from her home.  After shopping through every isle over the period of two hours, she walked out of the store with eight huge garbage bags filled to the brim with designer clothes for her and her children, many with the original tags still attached.  She even found a couple of Liz Claiborne suits for herself at $5.99 each and a Dooney & Burke purse normally valued at $225 for $19.95.  Her children had an entire season of school clothes and best of all, she paid less than $200.

  • ‘Shopping Holliday’
What does this means? Let assume you have the hobby of going to shopping (every day) or every few days just to take up some groceries you need. Here you need to create a gap, form an extension in days of visiting these ‘house’, you need to know that, giving yourself a discipline in this aspect is highly rewarding. It’s true that buy this you will help to cut down your ‘bill-count’, but you will also save more valuable time you would have used unprofitably.

  • Allowance
Do not forget to give yourself an allowance for things you enjoy.  Even if on a tight budget, buy something that you enjoy, which could be as simple as buying a new shirt or grabbing lunch at your favorite cafĂ©.  If you do not allow yourself this small “splurge”, you could find yourself in the same position as if dieting.  Total deprivation leads to overindulgence.

  • Budget
Everyone should create a budget.  If you are not sure how or just not good with money, many businesses such as H&R Block, offer free financial consulting to help you put a budget together.  Knowing where you are spending your money is by far the best way to save.  In most cases, people have no idea where their money is really going and once they see it on paper, not only are they surprised but eager to change their spending habits.
Be Conservative In Nature
Been conservative is what you do when you recognize that there is tomorrow. When you know that, in all things you possess you need to consider the days to come i.e. days to come. Been conservative is making judicious use of power, without telling or explaining, conservative nature is what you need to do to get most out of every-day-life, even your personal life.  

See Your Successes (Final Thoughts)
It is important to have an understanding of money.   Keep a journal where you can see your successes when it comes to saving money.  This is a difficult task and takes time to learn but worth it.  By keeping a list of the situations or ways you have saved money in front of you, you will be encouraged to keep going.  These successes can be small or large.  For example, if you normally buy your lunch, costing you from $5.00 to $7.00 per day and one week straight you packed your own lunch for $3.00 per day that is a success.  If you wanted to buy a new dress but held off until it went on sale, saving 50%, that is another success.
Finally, start taking steps. Thanks bye. Please take time to comment on any other tips you know that might be useful.

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