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When Stress Strike: 10 Funny Ways To Bring Stress Under (Complete) Control Within 60 Seconds-Productive Style

When Stress Strike: 10 Funny Ways To Bring Stress Under Control-Within 60 Seconds-Productive Style

One of the first life-partner problem is 'stress', stress is one of the 'know-all' ailment that that has something to do with anyone, well-to-do, or less privilege, old or young, learned or nuisance, leader or follower, it has its portion in every-body's life. Stress which has been defined as, 'pressure on physical or mental power and consequently inability to meet life's mental and physical requirement': stress is what you experience when you see yourself feeling fatigue, headache, upset stomach, muscle tension, change in appetite, teeth grinding, change in sex drive, and feeling dizzy.
Psychological symptoms of stress include: experiencing irritability or anger, feeling nervous, lack of energy, and feeling as though you could cry.
The American Psychological Association (APA), In one of publication reveal that; One-third of Americans are living with extreme stress and nearly half of Americans (48 percent) believe that their stress has increased over the past five years. Stress is taking a toll on people—contributing to health problems, poor relationships and lost productivity at work, according to a new national survey released today by the American Psychological Association (APA). Money and work continue as the leading causes of stress for three quarters of Americans, a dramatic increase over the 59 percent reporting the same sources of stress in 2006. The survey also found that the housing crisis is having an effect on many, with half of Americans (51 percent) citing rent or mortgage costs as sources of stress this year. Nearly half of all Americans report that stress has a negative impact on both their personal and professional lives. About one-third (31 percent) of employed adults have difficulty managing work and family responsibilities and 35 percent cite jobs interfering with their family or personal time as a significant source of stress.
Stress causes more than half of Americans (54 percent) to fight with people close to them. One in four people report that they have been alienated from a friend or family member because of stress, with 8 percent connecting stress to divorce or separation.

Browse The Gallery: do you want to get out of stress point through the funny route? One the first and the best thing you can do is to browse through the picture screen and watch the slide show. Picture gallery is a scene that has been found to easy pressure and stress over ones emotion. Especially when it’s nice pics, giving yourself scene of nice pictures is capable of directing away your attention on things that get you stressed. When stress know take a trip to netflix, photobucket, imagestock, vudu, pure flix,  and many more select best category that suit you and begin to see your stress level dropping.

Take Slight Work: whenever you feel irritated, frustrated with life or stressed up with things of life, take a shower and take a little stroll out. One of the best ever about this is that, taking a slight work will expose you to undiluted nature –breeze and natural scene of life. While this is effective and costless, it also re-focus your sense of reasoning. ‘I could remember when I was passing through one of the darkest time of my life, one of the only and best thing that saved me was, a slight walk, at times during cool evening-A.K peter’. At times, ordinary theory doesn’t work when it comes to stress, taking a walk work best to arrest the situation. To do it best go with you pet or even your teddy.

Employ Long-Term Hope Psychology: at darkest time, no advice is useful, previously working principles seems powerless, useful tactics seems ‘rubbish’ and the hope for a better future, give the impression of impossibility, but one thing that helps is hope. Someone said, ‘when hope is lost, all is lost’. Having a ‘long-term-hope-psychology’ means, ‘assuring yourself that, no matter how long things might be going tough, things will be better’. Though this requires an exceptionally mental capacity, having this mentality has a great possibility of positioning someone to survive any hardship whatsoever. Give up, thought of ‘magic success’, know that ‘all good things requires time’, just as Rome was not built in a day. This is how it walks, when you see that that things are going as you never expected, think it over and visualize everything, then make the last judgment that, ‘whatever that happens, I will surely overcome, or whatever that occur I will achieve my aim’, after this, you will experience a ease over. 

Reduce The Speed: at most time, the leading cause of stress is the pressure from goals we never meet or ambition unfulfilled. When this happen, and you noticed stress coming into the situation, minimize the ‘speed’, that is give yourself reason why it has not been achieved. For you to hurry in doing things in life, is the best way to run into stress zone. Reduce your haste in expecting ‘returns’, be cool with situation, always approach your expectations with gentleness. 
Eat Favorite Dish: the road to man’s heart is him throat, eating your favorite dish have a lot to do in getting you in shape and reorganizing your mental sense. Do you remember what happen when you are still young that mum prepare for you, the meal you like best, how do you feel? Excited. So also the situation at older age. Feeding yourself with your best meal is one of the best ways of making yourself a happy ‘man’.

Productively Mix-Up : Mix-up the size of tasks to avoid burnout. Instead of taking on two 4-hour projects, one after another, break them apart with a 30-minute task in between. Strive for a blend of tasks from small to large. You’ll feel a stronger sense of accomplishment and be less drained at the end of the day. Try to find time to mix with people that means a lot to you, people that accelerate your mood.

Laugh: laughter is one of the best free medicine available, ranging from making the face look younger, to improved mood and many other benefits; the following are other benefit of laughter.  


Play Things Over: Play games with yourself. Turn boring, mundane work into a fun game. Challenge yourself to break your speed record or to find a more efficient, more productive way to perform this task. You’ll improve productivity, have a little fun, complete the “boring” work and you may even discover a revolutionary process that can change traditional thinking.
Go Comic: though the era of cinemas (onstage drama) has passed away but the advent of website like youtube, vimeo has provide another opportunity to get comic play into live. When things seems going backward simply browse through this site and you will get dozens of them to ease yourself from stress grip.      

Go Ahead   the next and best thing is to, go ahead and try it out. “people says ‘information is power’ but I say, information is powerless if no action is taken on it”

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