Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Time And Destiny Wasters To Avoid: Top 5 Things I Never Do That Increase My Productivity Everyday

Just like myself, I love to get more things done at shortest time possible, this had made me to either stay away partially or completely from some tasks I termed as been time wasters. What can we even call time wasters? These are the activities that occupy our productive time but which has little contribution to the progress of our life, i.e. these are the things that contribute less value than the time occupied in our life. However, to some people, this doesn’t has no meaning, but for future ‘owners’ they never play with a seconds. Someone said, ‘a wasted time is a wasted destiny’ this is because; all things concerning destiny are tied to one moment or the other in someone’s life. Just as it’s popularly said that, ‘there’s time for everything’.

  • I don’t watch TV – Well ok, I watch a little, but in all honesty it is usually limited to 2 or 3 evening shows during the week and a movie with the kids on Friday night (which I often read during anyway.) If I have to exercise indoors, I will put on Morning Joe. That means I average 5 hours of TV watching per week; considerably less than the average American who watches 28 hours. Look at all of the time wasted!

  • I don’t play games on the internet – I limit computer usage to work, email and one hour of social media per day (that would be less if it was not necessary for business.) I do not surf the internet, play solitaire or Farmville on Facebook. That is not a productive use of my time.

  • I do not spend time gossiping around the water cooler (or over the “hedge row”)- This one is an easy one for me since I work from home and my water cooler conversations are limited to 140 characters on our Twitter account! Bonus: It also allows you to stay out of office or neighborhood drama.

  • I do not watch the news or read a daily newspaper – I know that’s blasphemous for some. Rest assured that I still know what’s going on in the world and my community. I do subscribe to RSS feeds and Twitter accounts from a couple of national news outlets and a couple of local ones as well. That allows me to get the news in real time and scroll through quicker to the items that interest me. I do subscribe to the Sunday paper which I thoroughly enjoy and immerse myself in the delight of the printed news, lifestyle and comics once a week.

  • I do not over-commit myself – I have learned to say no to activities that do not add value or are not the best use of my skills and time. For example I do not volunteer to work all school events, but I do the bookkeeping for the school PTO (It is easy for me with my business background and I can do it around my schedule, therefore it’s a good fit.) As an add on to this, I do not allow my children to over commit either, which makes for less stress and teaches them the value of making choices.
There were others that are on my list of “Don’ts,” but did not make the top 5. Watch for more time wasters in a future post…


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