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Interesting-8 Ways To Live A Free Life In Stressful World

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The fact that we are all living in jam-packed world is not a lie, and that the world is now distracted now than any other time is the past is true. Nowadays, if care is not taken, living a free life is not something seemingly possible, stress is everywhere e in the home, on the street, in countries and in personal life. Even on different media platforms (radio, television, internets) the news are becoming more stressful and worrisome. Most of this at time, provoke depression both physically and psychologically. For someone to wake without listening to one terror news is now likely impossible.
However, this didn't means we are living in the most terrible time ever (as some people sometimes assume), its only because, the globe today is more wire, connected and interpolated. News and event is easily divulge in Nigeria within seconds (a journey which will normally take a ship-voyage of one month’s thirteen days to sail), even a journey farther than this only cost an internet device to transmit it two seconds. This tells us that, things are not terrible than that of the past is just that the information of events are readily available at our finger tips, retrievable t any time and rewind-able at any moment. With all these, can we still live a free life or not?
The straight answer is yes. The only thing is that, there are little thing we usually over looked. Today in this post we look at the ways of living free life in busy world. Happy reading.  

Take Care: for you to be free, taking good care of yourself is paramount and the first important point. This is also the best place to start living a free life. For you to do this best, take care of your health-without it making wealth is impossible. Take care of your word, they determine three greatest things in life
-your destiny,
What you ultimately become in life
-your emotion, i.e. how your feelings will be
-your future, what you become or grown up to see in life. Take care of the company you keep, you cannot rise above the company you keep. Beggars will always encourage his friend to beg. Even the so called family 'people'. Choose your partners wisely, your partner will either part you up or pack you down.

Kill Your Fear: fear has been define as 'false experience appearing real', just as the above assertion (in the previous point), 90% of all fear is due to inordinate expectation. For you to understand this, let take an analogy, (God forbid) let say there is an harmed robbery attack, what make people fear is not there presence but the possibility that they might shot at people, also let assume a loved one is sick and was hospitalized, what cause fear and weeping is not that such a person is sick, but the possibility that such a person might 'give up the ghost'. Its now clear that expectations and account for greater cause of fear. It has even been discovered that, at most time what we expect in fear seldom happen. Take care of your fear and live a free life. 

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Learn To Set Time And Mind On The Purpose: when you want to know someone who is free of hectic life, that person is the one who learn to set time for everything and put your mind to all you do. What does this means? Whenever you plan a task or core to do, learn to put it in mind and do it with a time plan. For you to do things as they surface is never an idea for a free life. Knowing what you want to do, and when necessary you should do it go  long way in helping you to clear ground on backlog of work load. Know what you want to do, why you want to do it and when necessary you have to do it.

 Do One Thing: one quote says, 'when you want to go fast go alone, but when you want to go far go together' so also the word is, when you want to achieve much do only one thing at a time. For you to do single thing that matters most and with high effectiveness do a single task. In one of my books, i wrote about things that count as productivity but which is not or people's wrong approach to productivity, part of them is multi-tasking is amazing to let you know that practically no one can multi-tasked. Is just like sneezing and smiling at the same time which is never possible. Never try it to multi-function your brain just try to do one thing excellently.

Know What You Can Do: you don't need to compare yourself with robot or machine, there is limit to what you can do. The only thing you can do is what you can do. Know your boundaries, improve on what you do and not over use yourself. Is not that you re lazy, its only that (humanly) there are limit to thing you can do. Its not that you are not competent its only that you are created to work within certain limit of potential.

Learn To Take Things Weightless: living a free life for some people only require them to know how to take thing serious but less-personal. Life is full of such things that tempt us to take them personal, but the truth is that, no matter how tempting they might seems, taking them personal actually disturbs us from living a free life. Life meant to be free must be free of treat. Many events and circumstances seems to be taken personal, health issues, tax issues, bills, job condition, spiritual wellbeing and even the future ambitions-all these seems to be tempting and we seldom take it personal, but for the sake of living a free life, re-orientate your mind to think  less-hard on these things. But you have to put two things at the back of your mind
*try your effort to get what you don't have, even when people don't belief you.
*what will be will be (Spanish meaning: que sera sera). No matter how you try what will happen tomorrow will never happen now.

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Have Long-Term And Short Term Expectation: you need to know that, expectation is one of the major determinants of the status of human heart. That is why its good to be optimistic. Your mind is settle or disturb is determine by what you are expecting in it. For instance, it was acclaimed in (Awake Dec 2014) that, on Christmas day, about one third more heart-attack patients are admitted to hospital than any other time of the year in Germany according to one survey by an insurance company, the company suggested that increased stress when searching for Christmas gifts and unreasonably high expectations on the part of family and friends are the principal causes.   Give your expectations space, you need to know that real things require real effort, real, persistence and real time. Let it be known to you that, not achieving something now is not the end; the end is when you try to pursue it. It’s not that you shouldn't have huge expectation is only that you should have tangible one but not unreasonably high expectations.

Do Your Best: you need to remember the young age poem, 'do your best and leave the rest' you don't need to be the first for everyone, a life without enemy is never complete (Jesus have His, Prophet Mohammed PBH have His), you don't need to know all, a jack of all trade is a master of none. You don't need to have all the wealth, with it you will soon die. You don't need to be perfect at all time, making mistake is part of life, correcting them moving on and grow is living life. Forget being perfect but remember that no matter what you do people will criticize you. Your responsibility is to do things with all your might and how best you think it can be done and take other things as a film to watch.
Is not that you re lazy, it’s only that (humanly) there are limit to thing you can do. It’s not that you are not competent it’s only that you are created to work within certain limit of potential.

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