Wednesday, 27 July 2016

5 Instant Energy Boosters For A Productive Work Day – Without Taking Caffeine Or Alcohol


We all have days at work when our energy is low. Days so busy we hardly have time to eat, a full schedule, a lack of sleep and an energy slump that strikes mid-afternoon at work. But have you ever think about amazing ways to boost your energy without taking neither caffeine nor other artificial energy boosters? In natural thinking doing these might be a bit impossible, but the truth is that its quite possible to do so. For you to get your energy full without addiction to any ‘charger’, maybe because boosting your energy naturally costs nothing or maybe it lack any side effect, that is why I will love to share something on how to boost ‘strength’ naturally in a matter of seconds.
Here are some instant ways to recharge your batteries at work.

1.    Drink more water. Dehydration causes fatigue, so keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Caffeine can jumpstart your body initially but too much, and you’ll see your energy levels plummet. Instead of reaching for that energy drink or cup of coffee mid-afternoon, drink a full glass of water instead.

2.    Stretch. Take a few minutes to swing your arms around a little, stretch your arms and legs at your desk. Regular stretching not only keeps your muscles and tendons healthy, it also maintains a free flow of oxygenated blood to your brain, which is an excellent way to inject vigor into your workday.

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3.    Plug in that Ipod. Music is a great way to sharpen our mental focus and boost our moods. If you feel like you need a midday energy boost, take a few minutes to sit back and listen to your favourite music. Don’t underestimate the energy-boosting effects of music.

4.    The power of scent. The smells of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit have been shown to be revitalizing, so drop a slice or two in your water. For a quick midday fix, put a drop or two of citrus infused essential oils on a cotton bud and inhale or massage into the back of your neck.

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5.    Eat more protein. Protein keeps your energy levels on an even keel by keeping your blood sugar levels consistent. Insufficient protein is a common reason for fatigue. Keep some almonds and nuts at the workplace for a quick and convenient protein snack.

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