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8 Ways To Keep Your Account Growing Faster Than Your Age - What You Can Do To Get Richer As You Grow Older

One of the financial breakthrough anyone can achieve is to make his/her bank notes on the rise as one grow older, this is because meeting all financial expenses and living the life one imagine will be a reality. But doing it might be somehow tedious and boring if, the right method is not known. For some people, this might sound impossible ( I guess you’ve think in the same way), but the true thing about it is that,  it’s 100% possible and realizable. But why do we need to have ‘something’ in our bank-pulse? Do you remember that dream car, so also the insurance benefit, also we need to pay bills, go for vacation, cater for day-to-day expenses, and meet retirement financial need among other things. The real thing is that, a life without cash is a life with all crash, health is at risks, because it takes money to enjoy good health care, family life requires currency to keep it joyful and lovely – remember a hungry dog can not play with fill-fed dog, it takes something in the pocket for the face to smile. Lastly, going on an interesting vacation is never possible with an empty pocket; it takes ‘ready money’ to enjoy abroad journey and other things like these. What are the things that can be done to keep your account filled-up all time is what will be our subject of discuss today, so in this post you will discover things that can be done to get your pocket full of raw gold.

Uncover The Truth: for you to make this happen, the sure and the best thing you can do, is to know the meaning of saving, the process and the benefit you will get there of. Though, this might seems unnecessary, but the truth is that when you start by knowing the meaning, process and the benefit which you will enjoy at the end of the day, you will be able to start at the right time, do it the right way, and getting the desired result at the shortest time possible. Apart from this, when things get boring and you feel like giving up, you will have all you need to know for you to keep going. Part of what you need to know at the starting stage is that, it might take time but it worth the time after-all. Therefore the first step in getting your account filled-up as you age is for you to, know what, how and the benefit of saving each penny and spending wisely.  

Make A Plan: after you have successfully know the meaning, purpose of saving and the benefit of saving the next thing is to plan out how you will make happen, this imperative because, things are easier said than done, so for you to be able to do what you admired to achieve, the only and next thing you need to make achievable plans. This will help you to know when you will start, with how much will you start, what will be your manner of saving is it on daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. Doing this will help you to move on more faster, I want you to know that, there are some little thing that really has a lot to do with what you aimed at achieving. Therefore making a reasonable plan is your second approach that keep your money growing as you grow. Writing your plans out is what will be a map that will guide your journey to fortune.

Make A Saving Goal To Meet: in a shallow thinking, this and the previous point might sound similar, this is true but they are different on a broad sense. In planning you draw the architecture skeleton of what you want but in setting goals, you make a move to fulfils what you have planned by making sure you achieve certain thing within a specific period of time. Now setting a saving plan will help you to follow the saving plan you have made before. Here, you can do it best by making it an habit to save some bucks each day, week or month, where by you will set a specific time for yourself to save certain some of money. Setting and achieving a goal might be stressful sometimes but to make it simpler try to discipline yourself in order to stay-put with your goal, also you need to realize that even if it seems hard now the profit worth the effort.

Build Number Of Money Inlets: all things apart, making your account fill up as you grow can not happen without one thing and that thing is ‘many income inlets’, here you need to know that having various sources of income is inevitable if you want to make riches. Just as the millionaires do, they never put all there egg in one net, they take opportunities, they seize every chance to make penny. So for you to keep your account flowing, invest in many productive area, it might seems as if you don’t have money, but start with the little fund you have, take opportunities when they come, find what you can do to solve problems of people around you with what you have (maybe a skill or natural talent), learn new things like trade or art-work, or improve on what you know already-this will increase your ‘worth’ as you do.

Play above Parkinson’s law: The Parkinson’s Law and how to rise above it. Parkinson law one of the well known and effective law of money making and wealth accumulation law, this was developed by English writer C.Northcote Parkinson. The law says “no matter how much money people earn, they tend to spend the entire amount and a little bit more besides” Put in clearer word, this law can be best narrated as “expenses “always” increases when income also increase” or ‘we tends to see more things to spend on, as soon as our income increases’. Unfortunately, unable to rise above this phenomenon will surely render someone penniless.  To rise above this theory here are what to do:

Principle NO 1-let your money outflow less than your money inflow; this first principle simply means that you must limit your money outflow, that is, you must not let your spending too high than your expected income at any point in time, but even if you will do this do not let it more than average of your income, i.e. if you get $100 you can at most spend up to $50 (that is half). There are some things you have to know that assist in wealth making, part of them are discussed above, which means you should try to save more for you to get more to save, even if to put it in saving account in you bank account for it to increase in value. Or let say you have a business you must cultivate the habit of saving for raining day, not spending all your profit from you business. The most important thing I want you to know is that you have to make sure there is expected expectations of income before you will attempt to spend from your income, you be able to have worked for a fund that you are expecting before you will lay hand on your income.

Principle NO 2-delay spending; especially when there is increase in your income or just acquire a fund/salary/wages/gift you must know that you need to delay spending. Here I want you to know that it has been proven that “most of the time we spend money as soon as we get them we tend to buy things that we “want”, but not the things we really “need” that is, we buy things that are only on our mind but which has little to do with our satisfaction, things that do not truly meet things we should have. So the only thing to do is to delay spending, but if we delay spending what are the possibility of buying ‘aright’? now while ‘delaying’ your spending, do the following
List all things you want
Sort out the one you will need most
Take out the one that if you don’t get it will cause trouble to you or will cost you serious thinking
Though all of what you listed will be the ones you will like to get, but those things that if you don’t buy/get/purchase/pay-for will cause you great worry or the one that if you don’t get it will cause you sense of not having anything. The things you need are the one that has no close alternative, they are the one that until you get them there is no close substitute for them, that is, you will not get things to use instead of them. By doing this you are doing budget, on a professional scale, so make sure your budget is wisely crafted.

Knowing and playing above the parkinson’s law is a sure bet that your account will keep growing even when you think you are not an expert in finance services.

Be Disciplined: ‘been financially discipline means, knowing when to spend, what to spend upon, it’s benefit and the satisfaction it gives’. To everything you want to get done in life, there is one great thing that makes it easy, quick and achievable, that thing is principle. Be principle in your financial dealings, in expenses dealing and other areas of life, even when its not about finance. Learn to use the plastic money wisely, strive to know more about credit and credit score calculations, knowledge is power, learn more about better financing. Be disciplined in consumption, the fact that they advertise something on popular TV or Social media platform doesn’t means you should but it, however not buying it doesn’t means you are at disadvantage. Make it an habit to keep these thing going and taking care of your day-to-day expenses as you will take care of your health each day.

Pray: making your account flowing with cash as you grow is a huge success for your life, however you need to know that this is also a good thing, but you need to know that there are forces in life that always want to work against good things. Even when you get the money overflowing you need to enjoy it. So for you to get it done quickly, hindrance-free, and enjoying your money (and the rest of your life in good health you need to pray. Prayers is what will do what you cannot do in your finance, I want you to know that naturally there are things that happens that usually wanted to prevent good things from happening, but the right thing you can do is to pray, that prayer will now handle the bad unexpected occurrence that might want to prevent you from been rich.

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