Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Word For The Day: Dozen And One Words/Quote You Will Never Regret You Say To Yourself Every Morning

One of the best things in life is to have a day full of all goodies. A day of all joy, happiness, inspiration and or laughter. Seeking a 'good day' is a wise idea; after all, life is containing in each day or even in every seconds. That is why knowing 'how to have a good and joyful day' is what we all love to know. However, having a joyful day does not happen freely, it can (at most time) be a fruit from someone's mouth, directly or indirectly, this is because there is a link between what we say, how we will feel (afterward) and what will happen to us in reality. That is why the good book to says, 'do not let any destructive word proceed out of your mouth' no wonder abusive words, course or insults are all dangerous for a starting of a meaningful day: but, kind words, praise and gratitude raise your emotional well-being exorbitantly. Conversely, why do we even need to have a ‘good day’? most of the significant reasons is that, good day means that we are having a working days when we get things done enthusiastically, when we see solutions to how can I get more done in less time, this is when we get all motivations needed for a smooth day, and finally a day that was lived to the fullest. Another question. Does early morning prophecy or affirmation really work or does it really matters? Without wasting much time, the straight answer is yes. The reason is that, words are the invisible power that either build or break the power of the mind. This means, 90% of how we feel depend largely on what we think and whatever we pronounce out. What makes us is not what we say but what we pronounce with our lips. Saying something cost nothing but the consequences of what we say might cost something, it might even cost a lot.
In this post today, we are examining, what are those words that are capable of giving you the opportunity to win your day.

  1. Today I will make it

  1. Today is my day

  1. I thank God I am fortunate

  1. I will not be frustrated today

  1. Today sorrow will not come my way

  1. Everybody will see me and love me

  1. All I do today will be successful

  1. I shall not lack good ideas that will solve my problems

  1. My day will be fruitful

  1. I will not be frustrated

  1. Today and all the days of my life I will not regret

  1. I will not be put to shame

  1. God will grant all my heart desires

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