Thursday, 21 April 2016

Beware: 3 Traits Technology Must Not Replace In Your Life-Your Virtue, Your Value To Succeed

beware:3 Traits Technology Must Not Replace In Your Life-Your Virtue, Your Value To Succeed


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Human been is not just created ordinarily, there are some mystery in everyone, some unique and spectacular traits that has great impact on our life. Miseries that differentiate us from each other, what make me different from you, and what make you different from other people. However, this value has been (embedded) in our life so that things will work out for good, so that doing some unique things will be possible.  But the advent of technology has give birth to an entirely different lifestyle and life pattern, things is more technological this days, things are more automated in the world of today, virtually all human-performed task has been allotted to machine. While this has numerous advantages on our life, they are also (at some extent) abnormal for our life. This is because no matter how useful technology might be, there are some virtues that tech must not take away from us. The followings are the virtue that you should not allow technology to rub you of or steal from you.

Meditation: the other name to this is 'father of all innovation', meditation is one of the greatest virtue human has, while other animals are more stronger than we are, the only virtue that gave us the ability to enslave them is the ability to reason creatively by meditating this is why meditation is of importance. While technology has now rent all affairs, people's time of reasoning is now gradually replaced by entertainment time, most of the moment which would have been used naturally are now used before electronic gadget. The danger of technology replacing meditation is that there will be low creativity, innovations (in employees and employers), inability to solve personal challenges and more attempted and successful suicide. This is because peoples orientations will be more based on instantaneous and not in patience.

Social Connection: another thing after meditation that technology cannot replace is, ‘social connection’, this include the mingling together with family, friend and loved ones, but gradually today, tech has been finding its way through, to create artificial bridge between, human-to-human communication. Inter-personal-sweet chat(between relationship of any kind) is now replaced with texting, calls and 'webcaming' and this indirectly account for increase in divorce and all related disorderliness in human relationship. The fact is that, human being is a social being; connecting with people has a great impact in our life. Together we stand, divided we fall, mixing up with people is what make ‘life’s burden’ lighter to carry. 

Hobby: having activities you love to do in your pass time is one of the sweetness of life. In this pass time you do what you love doing, so as to exercise you body, soul and spirit. But the inception of tech has been reducing people's interest in doing what they love. Social media platform has reduce peoples’ love for reading (and thereby) reducing reading culture in people.

About to stop, one of the best truth that can be told is that, natural virtue is one of the rarest and which cannot be purchase with any amount. The best measure is to do wise with the technological gadget around you. Never neglect time to have connection with nature, friends, family and personal self.

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