Thursday, 21 April 2016

5 Things You Can Do To Arrest Your 'Tough-Time'-What I Did That Work For Me

Facing One Fear or Problem: 5 Things You Can Do To Arrest Your 'Tough-Time'-What I Did That Work For Me

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Life is characterized with many things, part of which is fortune and misfortune, problem and pleasure, crying and laughter, joy and sadness, bright smiles and secrete ‘weeping’, . Just as anyone else, the early belief in life is that, ‘life is simple and troubled-free’, things seems to fall in place effortlessly, it all seems as if all things we want in life will come freely. We all have best and promising dreams for our future, like becoming a president, medical doctor, pilot, solicitors and other brilliant pedestals in life. Unfortunately however, as days come by (and as we grow older) things seems harder-by-day and simple scenarios begins to be ‘compounded’. This is when human being is been surrounded at all angle by various life treats, ranging from social pressure, government ‘issues’, financial, the resultant of this is the suicide and attempted suicide all around.
This is true only at peak and semi peak age of life, just as its rare to hear suicide cases among children ten years or younger.
Today, this post will be centered on what to do when things went wrong and road seems closed.

Calm Down Therapy:
one of the best weapon that never fail in the face of hard time is calmness. While things seems or might be tempting to call for hastiness calmness is the only thing that’s advisable. While in silence during difficult time it doesn't means silencing as a deaf and dumb, but keep quiet your spirit and soul, it means rejecting every temptation and urge to panic or entertain any anxiety. Its means the ability to reject any move to go mad in emotion and speech.

Sort Things Out: Another antidote that work in harsh time is selecting issues as it occur, there is great power in ability to sort things out as it were. This is when you are able to know exact situation at hand, for instance while you or someone around you is sick, busting into tears is never the solution, the only way to sort things out is to look at ways of getting proper care for the sick person.  

Minimize The Image:-
the best way to demote your hard time, is to cut the image small. Keeping the image trimmed small means thinking more often on the possibility of overcoming the plight, constantly thinking on all that can be done to arrest the situation rather than thinking that it’s impossible to overcome it. While things are still hot it might seems impossible but when the image is reduced in your mind you will discover that the solution to the problem is even at your finger tip.

Praying Things Out:
when things are rough and part is slippery, one of the sources of spiritual help that help me overcome is praying. In any religious affiliation, prayer is paramount, it’s only that the mode of prayers are different, but the general principle is talking with the creator. Prayer work wonder, in the essence that it help you to overcome a battle from the spiritual realm which will afterward manifest in the physical as peace and victory.

Having Good Hope:
the last thing that keep me standing when things fell apart is the spirit of good hope, ordinary hope is different from good hope, someone might have hope truly but it might not be on the assurance that things will certainly work out for the best. Good hope is when you see things as they are and hope for the best result when virtually it seems impossible from heaven to earth.  

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