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Don’t Doubt It: If These 6 Attitude Is Present In You, You Are More Likely To Achieve The Seemingly Impossible Thing


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Most of the greatest question of human been is how will I succeed or how can I be successful in life? Asking this kind of question is not a sin, trying to know this is never an error but an opportunity to discover what make you be ahead of your mate.  The fact that everyone tries to know this is because will all want to excel, prosper rich and famous in life. But different from any other belief, achieving success is as simple as A, B and C, ‘when’ some certain thing is fulfilled. Some people has rightly said that, ‘successful people were not born successful they made themselves successful by hard work’, what this means is that, to be successful, there are some attitude that are nonnegotiable for success, i.e. attitude that guarantee meaningful success in life. The following are the natural traits that give you success automatically.

Counting The Cost’ If you love ‘counting the cost’ before ‘making the move’;  just as the popular slang which says, ‘first thing first’ one of the greatest attribute of ever successful people is that they are type of the people that love to sit down and look at the effort, money, concentration, and commitment that they must put into any task they wanted to do. The secret here is that doing these will help you to create more vivid picture of the goal they aimed at. Also, taking the first estimation of all it requires to do anything will help you to stand while others think it’s time to quit, this is what will tell you that your goal worth your effort-even when there seems to be no green light.  At most time this is the hardest thing to do while pursuing a goal, this is because if you cannot count the count you wont know how terrible the journey will be, but if you have count the cost it will never surprise you when thing went as ‘un-expected’.

Add New Thing; When you always do things that add new thing to the environment; taking a look at all the world inventors’ and successful people, they are the type people who find joy in adding new thing to their environment, without regarding your background, ethnic, family history or any other  established fact if you are the type of a person that love doing things in a new and value adding manner you are automatically a success. The plain truth is that, while you try to make things better for other people you are doing if indirectly to yourself. For instance, if you come from a family or you are working in a workplace where there is no love, and you purpose to introduce it, maybe by saying kind and lovely words, nice comments about others or exchanging gift with them, unknowingly you are doing it to yourself. Because your inner man will receive peace and calmness when you do all this things. So when you love to make nice thing happen wherever you are you are already success, never doubt it.

Go Any Length; When you love to go any length for what you want to achieve; all things apart, these attitude is one of the ready-made charm of success, this is true, because take a look at the case of Abraham Lincoln, he supposed to be one of the most unfortunate human been on earth (this is true because he encountered some of the greatest & painful disappointment in life), but because he has an attitude of irresistible pursuit of goal, he achieve his goal (just by going any length for what he wants). He latter become one of the most celebrated president of the united state of America. Without any scientific prove, one thing that positions you for unstoppable success is the ability to give all what it takes to get what you need.

Neither Slow Nor Steady; When you neither slow nor steady; the road to success is more than we think of it sometime. In order to be successful one need to be patience as possible, this is what I called ‘neither slow nor steady’. Getting to know that there are times when you will slow down to change your style, is a great inspiration for you. At times, been too energetic about what you want will only give you failure because you will have what is called ‘over-confidence’, this is because you will be too enthusiastic, and when failure come you will be as discouraged as you are inspired, also been too enthusiastic with our any meaningful purpose will land you into unbearable consequences. The only thing that prove you are ahead to be successful is to be neither too steady nor too slow, remember ‘success is not a destination but a journey’.

Check And Balance; When you ‘check and balance’ your activities; one person has rightly said that, ‘its not that we grow old because we do exercise, its because we grow old because we never do exercise’, one thing in life is that work and play goes together, remember that ‘all works and no play make jack a dull boy’, so if you are the type that love to have funny-thing-doing while you are less busy, you are among the successful heads. There is need to know that, our hobby, exercise and pleasure time all work together for our success. This is because having a hobby or routine time of fun and exercise is the time in which we allow our body to be collected, refreshed, organized and rest for the task ahead. That is why having  a schedule for workout, fun, relaxation and pleasure is a great advantages for you both physically and psychologically. So ‘checking’ your work time and balancing it with relaxation is a symbol that you are a success.

Manage The Two Greatest Resources; When you can manage well the two greatest resources (one free the other not-free) ; to be plain and forward, the two greatest resources is time and money, time is the one that is free while money is the one that is not-free. Know that the only different between the rich/successful and the unsuccessful is how they manage their time and money. The rich and successful make good use of time for productive purpose and using money to invest on items that appreciate, while the poor are the class of person that waste  their time on unproductive task like complaints, procrastination, idleness and grudges, also they are the type of people that give their money away on liability items, i.e. good that do not appreciate(increase) in value. All said and done, having an attitude of good and judicious time and money management give you a free chance of been successful.

Believe In Supernatural; When you believe in supernatural; the last but not least is spirituality. When you are the kind of a person that love to be spiritual in your pursuit, it’s a great sign of your success. People like President Churchill, Martin Luther king jr and other value prayers, and with unrelenting effort it gave them the chance of success. Been spiritual is one of the ingredient you need to be successful, you also need to know that, ‘everything in the physical world is controlled from the spiritual world’.

Bringing it together, been successful is not that difficult if the ‘simple’ principle can be applied and little patience is experienced. Today start been successful by following the steps in this article. God bless you.

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