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7 Quick Steps To Being Your Best Self - The First Step Before Creating The BRIGHT Future You Imagine-In Life And In Career


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No one has ever planned to suffer in life. Also, no one has ever think of ‘leading’ a life full of failure and distress; even our brothers and sisters in war battered country never for once pray to experience something like that, this comes unfortunately unplanned for. Been in life, making no impact is what they called, ‘existing alone’, but living and impacting yourself and others is what they called ‘existing and living’; therefore its rare to find someone who, by any psychology imagine bad happenstance in his/her life. Fortunately, creating your future do not concern (much) either government, family background, environment, status {financially and socially}, your continent or other genetic factor. The real thing that dictate it is ‘your relationship with yourself’. 

You are what you make yourself. From line of history, neither government nor (any) factors have dictated the greatness of any ‘fellow’ that become great. This is what make me to say, your fulfillment or any fortune happening to you in life, is largely determined by whom you belief yourself to be and ‘that your little day-to-day lifestyle’. The world only creates way for those who know where they are going. One of the best discovery comes from personal conviction. If there is any virtue that no-one can hardly take from you, it’s the one you synthesize yourself. No government condition or style of governance is capable of modifying you; you have the responsibility to do so, there are people who have live under most brutal governance in the past, but who still succeed.

 *Know Your Purpose
Are you drifting through life with little direction - hoping that you will discover contentment, health and wealth? Determine your life purpose or mission statement and you will have your own distinctive compass that will guide you to your truth north all the time. Living without a vision is like, traveling without good map. The journey can eventually land anywhere-dungeon, bush, hill, lion’s den, trap, cave, or any other unimaginable destination. Not living and living without a purpose and pursuit are two different but equal things. A life driven by purpose is more directional, when you stand for something you cannot easily fall for anything. Your purpose is what determine your actions, your actions will determine what your future or after-life will looks like. Your purpose is the clear picture of your destiny. In fact, those who have achieved a lot in life, are men and women of purpose. Having ‘tangible’ purpose on your business, career, family or relationship and other aspect of life has a lot to do with the kind of goodies you will eat in life.  

* Know Your Values
What do you value most? Make a list of your top three values. Check your goals against your values. If the goal doesn't align with any of your top three values get rid of it. While choosing career, this is one of the most critical and important thing to consider. One of the key to lasting joy is to do what you like as a profession. Find out thing you put more important in to. follow and practice them.  

* Know Your Needs
Unmet needs will stop you from living genuinely. Take care of yourself. List your top five needs and get them met before it's too late! However, there are needs that need time, those one give it time. Never give up, try to make a provision for yourself.  Find out what are the things your journey require, is it a knowledge, or a skill? Can you do it without external brain or you have to outsource the brain? A perfect example is that of, an ambitious broadcaster, the first thing after the first-hand (natural) talent, is to go for college education, where enough journalism knowledge will be implant in such a person. So also, been your best self requires knowing your needs and been true to it. Be true to yourself about your need and all it will take you to get them possessed.

* Know Your Passions
You know who you are and what you truthfully like in life. Express yourself and honor the people who have inspired you to become the very person you wanted to be. You need to know things that make you happy. Things that give you good mood freely. What make you extremely elated in. Know it, figure it out and do them seldom or often if time permits. One of the closest faucet where you can ‘collect’ enough happiness when you need them is through the practice of what you like most. That is why before going after your career choice, you need to check if its something you love doing even without giving you any penny-and of which you have a ‘sweet-heart’ doing. Career might be chose with passion, but career chose for the sake of money end in regret-however, career chosen with regards to passion and money is the best, this is because doing what you love doing (and get paid) is more sweeter and costly than anything else in life. Being your best self call for you, identifying and pursuing your passion in all things you do.

* Live From The Inside Out
Commune with nature. Breathe deeply to quiet your distracted mind. Learn to listen to what your heart is saying. Every day, set aside at least 10 minutes to meditate. Tune down the life’s noise to hear the best voice of nature. At times when atmosphere seems cloudy, when any flight of though is impossible and when all flag flies at average level, one of the best things is to live from within, feel the nature at its best. At most time, in creating your best kind, feeling the nature is he best bet. Give the world a mute, commune with the real you, have a congress with your inner being. Enquire from yourself, ‘what are your purposes in life? Where were you in the journey of life? What have you done? And what are things you need to do? Are you moving closer or farther to your dream{s}? Ask yourself critical and though provoking questions at this time. Don’t wait till someone else ask you these questions. All best innovation is as a result of best questions. Asking yourself ‘tangible’ questions are the prerequisites for a life journey that ends well.   

*Honor Your Strengths
What are your positive traits? Find ways to express your authentic self through your strengths. You can increase your self-confidence when you willingly share what you know with others. When you think on increasing your strength, be familiar with your weaknesses. If others figure it out on your behalf, it might seems criticism, know and tell yourself what you can and cannot do. One of the things that give rest of mind and smooth life is knowing and honoring your weak point. Most people missed it at this point, they try to hide their weaker muscle. For someone like me, I never made the mistake once, one thing that is sure is that, weakness is found in every ‘man’, your strength might be my weakness and vice versa. Jack of all skill is a master of none. Don’t disguise what you never knew. Coming out true sometime safe a lot, those who value someone (really) will value somebody with his weak and strengths’. Those who knew your strength and weakness and love you yet are those who worthwhile. Know your strength and weakness, improve on your weakness and maintain or increase your strengths.

* Serve Others
When you live truly, you will find out that you develop an interconnected sense of being with. When you are true to who you are, living your purpose and giving of your talents (for use)  to the world around you, you give back in service what you came to share with others -your spirit - your essence. The rewards for sharing your gift with those close to you are indeed pleasing. Just as one quote says that, ‘the life worth living is the one that is lived for things that out-last life’. Beside this, for you to discover the secret of wealth, you need to know that serving others is the number one thing to do, Bill Gates of Microsoft, create and write computer programming useful for ‘everyone’ (not only for his personal use alone), and not for his family alone, today, by serving others (through his programming he wrote)  he become one of the most richest person ever live on earth, so also ‘The Facebook Initiator’ Mark. Becoming your best self include finding ways to fill human need that are ‘empty-unmet’, been a useful element among your environment is what determine your existence, not your moving around.

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