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Quick Self-Check: TOP 5 Psychologically-Proven Ways To Check If You Are Up or Down The Ladder Of Success – Predict Your Future Success YOURSELF


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There are certain things in life that worth questioning. Among this is the success recorded in life over time. Each and everyone of us, is after one thing or the other in life. In every profession, business, student, teacher, manager, sales rep, team leader or personal life. We all aimed at succeeding in something. Accomplishing something so dear unto us. Breaking through in one aspect or the other in life. However, moving without check-and-balance, only leads to ending it in dungeon. Life is in forward and backward direction. When you look forward you know how long you still need to travel, when you look backward you see how far you have move, you see errors and fault you make and experience you have gathered. Your past is your bank of experience. Measuring your success is an integral part of successful habit in life. When you measure you know what you have done, wrongs you have committed, lesson you have learned, what you should do, and how you should do it. It gives you analytical details of how far you have moved, rather than seeing yourself as a 'doing-nothing-fellow', who is only busy but lazy.  Unfortunately not-measuring makes someone (to end up) messing-up.

The ability to chose progress or the other, ability to chose riches or its opposite, choice of choosing fortune or create fortune in all our effort or just to labor without reward. But for a tangible progress to be achieved in life, there must be time-to-time questions, examination and inspections to be made, concerning everything we do (in our day-to-day) life, to see if we are heading to highest position or not. Self examination is vital, because its the only key to proper repositioning for optimum success. Just as brilliant work are done where there is thorough supervision, so also is examining oneself have allot to do with how swift we progress in the journey of life. Progressing and measuring the rate of progress is not a big deal, just as you can easily know the rate at which you are speeding while running, so also its easy to check your progress in everyday life.
The followings are the funny ways to check if you are on your way to prosperous life.

Your Thought: if you want to know what inside a wallet (owned by someone else) for instance, whom will you ask? Surely you have to ask the owner of the wallet. Or let say you want to know if someone's tea contains sugar, its from the person you will ask not from yourself. This also the trick when you try to figure out the direction towards which you are journey in life (especially when you wish to make it funny), what you have to question is what your thought has been. Is it positive or negative? Is it ‘I can do it or I cannot do it? Is it of good expectations or wrong anticipation? Driving you to success or failure, your heart is the most important determinant. If you will succeed, you need to ask anyone, the only person you should ask is yourself through your ‘thought-of-mind’. Before anything is done, it will at first place originate from the thought, after this, the whole body follows. That is why, in one of my publication, I wrote about ‘The Change Ideology’, which means changing your thinking faculty, in order to survive events and circumstance in life. The bitter truth is that, the beauty of your life is the beauty of your thought or otherwise.

Your frequent affirmation: knowing weather you will be successful will start from whatever you think and then to whatever  you say with your mouth. On you project, do you say you will succeed or what. On your business, do you confess blessing and improvement or what. In your personal or family life what has been the pronouncement of your mouth? One of the readily available weapon with anyone is 'his voice'. Your affirmation is your confirmation. It's your word that will create your world. Your confession reveal where you are going and what will eventually happens to you. What you speak out is the whisper of your mind. ‘From the multitude of the mind the mouth speaketh’ says the Good Book. The first two weapons that is available for man are ‘his thought’ and ‘his voice’. Secret in the power of words is that, ‘whatever you think and speak out you have activated’. Thinking about something is like proposing a bill of constitution, saying it out as well, is like ‘stamping’ what you have thought.

Friends: its a popular saying that, 'show me your friend and i will tell you whom you are', if you want to go funny about knowing the part on which you are traveling in life try to sit down and access whom your friends are. Amazingly, after what we think ourselves, our friends is the next thing that determines what we do in life, this is reason why friends have such influence in someone’s life. Just as someone has said, 'when the attitude of a man is unclear to you, reach out to his friends'. While this is not necessarily needed, (because some do not have friend(s), but the kind of person, celebrity, uncle, boss you like thinking about is the friend and person you love to be.  That is why friends are easy to choose but consequences of bad friends are not easy to bear. For you to access your friends you need to consider if they are set of friends who;
·         Motivate you while you are with them, or those who make you feel hopeless in pursuit of your goal.
·         Are they the type of friend that possess outstanding positive character that challenges you whom you can emulate, or those with 'fragile' character?
·         Are they type of friends who only complain about you or someone else, or friends that stand to judge you rather than accepting whom you are. And many other things like these.
·         Little mind talks about evens while great mind talks about ideas, what class of friend are you doing things with, are they the little mind who watch event or great mind that owns the future with their idea
However, that is one golden principle about friends which says ‘you cannot rise above the company you keep’. No matter how talented, gifted, knowledgeable, active and determined  you are, the type of the company you keep has a great deal impact on how your journey will be. I could remember when I am about to start my writing career, the first thing I did is that I studied all my friends and identify those who never have interest in my proposed ‘writing career’ and I find a way to distance them from me, and it really works allot.

What You Love To Do: it is funny that you can access yourself on what level are you in life through what you do now and often, one of the most surprising thing in life is that, how our life is, is as a result of little, little effort and actions we take each day.  Most of the time we belief in ‘one heavy action’ that will turn things around, but the real fact is that, the little steps and actions we take (even the smallest thought)  is what determine how our life turns out to be. If you are the type that love to say 'not now' to tangible steps you suppose to taking 'now', its a sign of failure. If you love to spend 'more' hour with 'necessarily unnecessary' gadgets, you are heading to zero. This is because a seconds missed cannot be reversed and a seconds missed is a fraction of life wasted. That is why if you love to do meaningful things (that contributes positively to your life), at all time, its a sure indication you are on your way and closest to your success.

Your Life Style: most of the things I have noticed in successful people of the world is that, they always possess ‘the winner lifestyle’ and is peculiar to all of them (its only take different dimension) they do not struggle to cope with successful life style. They are set of people who belief in this happens when I do that (and not that things happens by chance or by magic). One of such lifestyle that give birth to success is reading rather than been engage with unnecessary chatter. Exercising moderately and good health habits that energize both body, spirit and soul. While a spiritual lifestyle can be productive than standing un-affiliated with any one. While a lifestyle of forgiveness have great benefit, grudges hold a bad consequences for those who holds them, so also is love and hatred has opposite effect. While other things holds, a lifestyle of 'all talk and no action' is antagonist to success, dream, imagination and (quick) action to achieve them is surest precursor of success.

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