Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Not Crying, Worry Nor Alcohol: 6 PROPER Things To Do To Get Out Of Mess When Life Go Stink - Stop Doing It Wrong


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When living life, we encounter various ups and downs that make life stinks. Life hits us hard when we least expect it. At some time, things we never expect happen, maybe to us, friend, family member, and co-worker or at work place. Naturally, we all face the same level of challenge in life (what ever that happens to anyone has once happen to someone in the past), trouble that toss us around are of equal magnitude, but our attitude to cope with them makes the different, its our ability to absorb the shock that reveal our ability to cope with life. As a human being seeking survival, (when things we hate happen to us), is our attitude, we quickly look for ways out, but at serious occasion (when the incidence over-power our emotions), we shift to ‘sympathetic’ means of coping with life, and approaches like: weeping, worrying (abnormally), complaints and the likes. While at some time, you might felt like weeping, or start worrying when life hit you hard, there are even cases of suicide or attempted suicide and other wrong approach of relieving life’s blow. When this happens, the only question that come to mind is that, ‘how can I get out of this shit?’ looking for a better way of getting things together, while things seems to be falling apart, is the basis for this post today

*Pamper Yourself - Have you ever noticed that pampering yourself goes a long way towards making you feel good? For some people, its shopping, working on the car, playing the guitar, taking a long bubble bath, exercising, eating ice cream. Think about what makes you feel comforted and spend some time doing it. To me it might be playing football, for you it might be ‘reading books’, but its all on something you can do that will help you to have a good sense of yourself. Things you can do that makes you feel more appreciated. Do you remember when you are young that your parent pampers you, do you remember how you feel? So also what happens when you take time to pamper yourself when things went wrong, this doesn’t has anything to do with age, what matter is that it works wonder on getting you back on right track of life.

*Remember Good Times – here you need to know that memories are wealth. When things is at its darkest, try to travel back to the blue days behind. When we go through a rough patch, it is the bad memories that keep haunting us. Take a stroll down memory lane (use a photo album if you have to!) and remember the good old days when life was less weary. Spend an extra amount of times on the memories that mean the most. Force yourself to remember the nice moment aback, pleasant time used with friend, a memorable time spent somewhere and other things that make you smile or bust into laughter.

*Help Someone – amazingly this sounds opposite, but it’s a help in dark days. Helping someone will make you feel needed. I'm sure whoever it is, will be appreciative of your effort. It will also help, to keep you occupied. Sometimes seeing a smile on a person's face and knowing you had a hand in putting it there can turn a bad day into a wonderful one. Naturally, helping other and doing something pleasant for people make one feel better and improves ones mood.

*Remember The Less Fortunate - By taking time to think about those who have less than you, you will start to think about what is good in your life. In one of my book, I call this, constructive comparism, though ‘comparism’ is ‘deadly’ but comparing yourself to others in this manner is an advantage for you to get clear picture of journey ahead.  This will make all but the most drastic events seem better and easier to deal with. Life is in stages and human is in categories, no matter how worst your situation, there is always people you are better of (than).

*Remember That This Too Shall Pass.  Nothing lasts forever and most bad days don't carry into the next.  Know that there is a more positive day just around the corner. A good night's sleep is all it takes to get there. Sometimes, the best help is the one you do for yourself, assure and firm it to yourself that, there is nothing which lasts forever, and that, all happens for a better happenstance to occur. You were not created for it, neither was it (challenge) created for you.

*Look Back And Sing Your ‘Praise’: one of the best gift of life is the ability to acknowledge and appreciate. Take time in a while, to appreciate things and count the blessings in your journey, this will give you the ability to see reason for trying more. Also, without counting your worth and appreciation there will be no inspiration to try harder and press forward, even when things are not as good as we think of them.

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