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TOP 10 Ways To Increase Concentration And Sense Of Focus-Quick Fix For The Brain And Mind To Get Re-Focus


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Weather you call it focus or concentration, the scope is the same. A lack of concentration is a common complaint these days. You want to excel in studies but cannot concentrate, deadline is looming large at work, but your mind wanders off – these problems are normal but can create many issues. There are things that we love doing which affect and have a lot to do with the effectiveness of work-life or even personal life. Though at most time, we never realize the importance of mindedness in things we do. Been focus help to find stuffs we do interesting. However, been committed from the mind to whatever we do help to avoid possible error or mistake that might occur. Take for instance, writing on an official letter which has no duplicate, mindedness during this time spare you the possibility of writing the wrong thing at the wrong place. Such as writing name where the date supposed to be writing. Not this alone, doing things with your mind increase your productive ability. 

Find And See Reason In What Ever You Do: when you ask me why are some people loose concentration, I will tell you most people never knew the purpose of their pursuit. Its good to know that, your ability to define your purpose of action is equal to the ability to motivating factor that keep you going. The principle is that, when ever you know what you need to do, you are less likely to get you focus divided. Whenever you want to refocus your attention examine your reason for dedicating your time for why you are doing. While doing this, ask your self: what you will gain after doing what you want to or are doing? What are the possible consequences of doing what you are doing? Or better still, what are opportunity you might miss if you hesitate to do it? The more reason you find to do something the more likely for you to find it interesting and keep focusing on doing it. No one can think without first concentrating his thoughts on the subject in hand. Every man and woman should train himself to think clearly what he/she is about to perform. This will serve as the map and compass that guide, inspiration, focus and forward movement.

Reduce 'The Swing': its not that some people are willingly not concentrating, the key reason is that, their mind get swing all the time. What does this means? This is what happen when the mind is found doing something else, while doing another thing. Let say you are on your work desk, and you find yourself, thinking on the coffee desk at home and thinking of how to find your missing wrist watch simultaneously. Normally, there will always a temptation to have a mind swing, but for a peaceful life learn to focus on the stuff at hand only. Don't drag yourself everywhere the mind tends to drag you. You have the power to chose what your mind pay attention to. Focus only on what is benefiting for you. A perverted thought is an enemy of a balanced life. Practically, mind swing has no tangible addition to your fruitful living. Nothing, not mind swing that accelerate you in life but a action oriented steps.

Set Target To Meet: when you are sort of tricks to increase your concentration, employ the trick of setting target. For instance when you find a work, boring or monotonous. Set for yourself a time to accomplish a portion of task. Give yourself a time deadline. Just like a fashion designer who think her work is boring she determine to add savor to it by setting target and time limit for herself, doing this she enjoy doing what she like best and she recorded a huge success in no time, more concentration and improved sense of attainment of satisfaction. Give yourself a working parameter, set limit and make effort to out-perform yourself. Strive to be a better, smarter worker than the previous day each day.

It Might Go Medically Sometimes: trouble focusing at some time might be due to health problems, and one of such health problem is called, dementia. Dementia An acquired and irreversible deterioration in intellectual function. Around 10 per cent of people aged over 65 and 20 per cent of those aged 75 or over are affected to some extent. The disorder is due to progressive brain infection. It appears gradually as a disturbance in problem solving and agility of thought which may be considered to be due to tiredness, boredom or DEPRESSION. As memory failure develops, the affected person becomes bewildered, anxious and emotional when dealing with new surroundings and complex conversations. Dealing with this, health expert has recommend some palliative measure that help to solve the plight, “Spinach is loaded with lutein, folate, and beta-carotene,” Florida-based dietitian Tara Gidus tells Real Simple. “These nutrients have been linked with preventing dementia. I know neurologists who recommend eating spinach at least three times a week.” She said. Eating fruits, seafood and cod-liver oil, and adequate exercise and proper intake style is the sure bet.

Pull-Out: there are some things that supposed to be fulfilled before complaining about difficulties in concentration. This is because there some things that tends to be de-focusing in nature, just like when you get to your work-place work desk and there is a chatter that tends to occupy your time unnecessarily, in a situation like this, ‘pull-out’, let people know you need to concentrate. Guide against any possible interruption. Try to make your working time a ‘serious’ time. Do not try to allow anyone to come in between you and the task you are to do at any time. Timeliness is crucial to any achievement. Try to let the surrounding know your working minute. Push out all and every thing that can possibly arrest your sense of focus. Schedule time for everything so as to close door on any task stopper that can intrude your work time. Make and stick to a fix time in doing some petty task like answering calls, checking mails or checking social media status.

Pull-Out (Again): in the above I talked about, kicking out all possible task stopper, now I’m here with another kick. Here you need to deal with one popular mistake people do when it comes to the need to be productive (getting more done at less time). What it this thing? That thing is called ‘multi-tasking’, this is when someone try to do two things at a time. They even called it ‘killing two birds with one stone’. Can this be possible? So also it was whenever you try to concentrate on two thing at a time. Just like myself, I know you would have tried it one day. According to research, no one can ever multi-task,  in fact it leads to incurring error. Apart from this, concentration is also diminishing to zero degree.

Drink Your Way To Focusing: A recent report even inferred that the individuals who drank two measures of cocoa consistently for a month had enhanced blood stream to the cerebrum, performing better on memory tests. Be that as it may, much the same as with any treat, be aware of the calorie check and dependably go for the most elevated quality. Specialists say one square of dark chocolate amid the evening droop ought to be adequate. While starting your day, make it promising and fruitful by taking chocolate. With the nutritious taste you will also enjoy the focused mind.

Exercise: its true that concentration and ability to focus on a long-term is greatly related to the ability of the blood to flow in the brain freely. Performing some moderate work-out each day is a bonus habit that give you a bonus chance of attaining mindedness. But let it moderate, add fun to it, do it with other people or your spouse or friend.  

Practice Focus Skill: the proverb says, ‘ practice makes perfect’ been mindful sometimes require practice and this will make one to be perfect. Mind swinging and loss of focus affect everyone, even myself, one of the trick that help me to regain my control over needless mind swing is the practice of mindfulness. How do I do this? Let say I’m playing a game or reading a novel, I will now forced my self to concentrate on the game or the novel I’m reading. I prevent any attempt of the mind to think or pay attention to things of the future or of the past. This I did for so many time before I gain the victory. Though it might cost huge, inner determination, but it pays to make it happen.

Don’t Blame Yourself At Time: there are practically some instance that its impossible for us to concentrate. At sometime when someone is moody, stressed, depressed, furious, confused, or dejected physically or psychologically. At this time, mentally someone is intellectually disintegrated; any attempt to download or get the brain attention towards something will be a tug of war. This is when the brain ability to focus or process information is at its lowest minimum. When this happen, the fault is neither the brain’s or yourself, and forcing yourself to concentrate might even make the situation worse. Any time you notice you are lagging behind in focusing on doing things or coping with life effectively. Stop, ask yourself and figure out what the matter was, never blame, never complain, never go mad on yourself, but resolve the issues and set things in order again. Lastly at this time give yourself the ‘grace’ to stay unfocused, after sometime things will get in shape.

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