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Top 6 Tricks To Remember ANY Forgotten Items In Seconds – No! Stop Racking Your Brain

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How do you feel when you fail to remember something you wanted to recall? Or, how do you feel when you are unable to know where you kept your car key or any item? Forgetting something is a phenomenon that happens to any and everyone, this is when we find it difficult to remember or know where an item is kept or remember things we were thought in the past. However, this is different from that of age-related forgetful ailment called Alzheimer’s. One of the best wish of anyone is to have his brain intact, and one of the yard-stick used in measuring this, is the ability to remember, recall and retrieve an information stored in the brain. Forgetting something is worrisome and frightens sometimes, this is because, forgetting something might cost someone opportunity and precious offer, even at times it might go beyond this. Imagine someone forgetting his appointment letter, or a contract agreement used to offer someone a contract that involve huge money, these two scenarios are better imagine than experience.

Interestingly, forgetting something is 'naturally-normal', its only when its getting frequent, is when it call for attention. Just like mistake, which they said it has no master, forgetting something also has no genius, i.e. that can happen to every and anyone. Contrary to the popular belief that, its only 'students' who need a 'sharp-brain' but the true is that, virtually everyone need this stuff, this is because, not remembering an item you kept or forgetting something someone told you, expose you as a nuisance or a moron, to other people 'watching'. Also, it makes you to appear over-age than your current amount of days on earth. Experiencing this, in an organization might even show you as a 'old-cargo' of the organization. By and large, it never idea not to re-call something you ought to have remembered.
What should have cause this? Just as I frequently said, 'for every happen, there is always a happenstance'. There is always a reason for something, forgetfulness that are never age-related can be cause by:
·         Anger
·         Unsettled mind (unbalance mood)
·         Multi-tasking
·         Poor 'saving' attitude
·         Psychological unsoundness
·         Stress/depression
·         Lack of concentration
for you to remember things forgotten, the following are the small things you can do that make big different for you to remember things in a moment.

Create Kept Object Record: If forgotten item can be painful, creating list of items you kept shouldn't be a problem. When you know something is dear unto you, keeping in touch to it (at any time you feel like) might be compel you to make a small note, list all items you kept with their corresponding location. And keep it where you can easily lay your hand on it for reference purposes. Doing this will safe you from racking your brain or searching unnecessarily when you need the item.

Employ Good Saving Attitude: all thing is attitude, attitude are things. Cultivate a healthy item keeping attitude. How can this be done? Know what to save to somewhere and what to save else where. Know the appropriate thing to save at appropriate 'corner'  Try to save things to their 'nearly' related spot. For instance, when you know something or an item will be used within your desk, save it nearest to it. Make it an attitude to save things not to far from their most needed place. A stapler, is most likely to be used where printers are located, keep it so close to the place. You can even make use of the principle of proximity, this principle(as synthesized by A.K Peter) says, keep an item, that is likely to be forgotten at not more than 10 meter to where they will be needed. Research has it that, you can cut your losses by 50% if you give things the right lace to live. The closer you keep it to the place of duty, the less likely it is, to get astray.

Grouping Is Important: while you have practiced the above techniques and never work-out, try this one by grouping items saved. At time some items are related, when you intend to save item that are of similar usage i.e. Items with close function keep them at the same area. For instance, from my own technique, when i noticed i forget thing too easily, I intend to group item i save, so by one side of my bag was dedicated for written materials, at this section of my bag you will find items like: maker, pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser, jotter, crayon and anything writing-related. In fact since I've done this, forgetting writing materials is never mentioned around me, because I knew where this items are group-hidden, when i need them the only thing I need is just to consult the right chamber without biting about the bush-but it rely worked. Obviously cooking utensils belong to the kitchen, as towel to the bathroom.

Duplicate: when things you wish not to forget is ‘duplicateable’, try to make a second copy of it, make a duplicate where necessary. In the case of items that come in 'twins' like bunch of key or other items in twos or threes, try to save their duplicate where they can be easily remembered. Having duplicate can save you the hassle you will run into when you wrongly 'misplaced' them. It might take a quite time to find duplicate, but its better than ransacking the whole house/office finding 'wanted' item.

Never Keep Or Learn In Down-Time: Avoid learning in high-stress situations. One of the unnoticed reasons that causes difficulty in remembering things is keeping or learning something when you are psychologically ‘battery-down’, one of the thing that happen at this time is that, the brain’s ability to retain information is low and thereby, concentration is at minimal. Any attempt to load any stuff to it is like trying to implant something where it shouldn’t.
In the case of learning, this is an option, but if it were possible not to learn something new when you are ultimately stress-up, its best not to.

Mindfulness: Belief especially when you have tried all effort and all prove abortive, the only thing you need to do, is tell yourself before going to bed something you are looking for. Been mindful (especially before going to bed) about something you are looking for plays a great rule in locating the item. Though you might not know where it was, but surely your sub-conscious mind knows. Consciously you might not remember, but something is there with you (silence) while you are keeping the item that can tell you where you can trace the hidden item to. To do this, please try to avoid any temptation of worrying, complaints or any other psychological ‘self-disturbing’ activities, the only thing you should do is to belief (in finding it), and put your mind at rest.  

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