Wednesday, 25 May 2016

TOP 4 Things You Count As Wasted Time But Which Is Not – Popular Misconception About Time That Are Not Really True

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In every work-life, the greatest expectation is to complete more task in less time, with less effort and realize more success(accomplishment), this is why at this working period, no second is spared 'useless', all minute are filled with 'something to do'. This is what we termed as seriousness, when you make sure you do all that worth doing and as soon as they surface. But with deep meaning of productivity, which simply means, doing what’s worthwhile in a moment to realize the desired future aim(s).

Nonetheless, the truth is that, someone might be running helter skelter but which he actually did nothing, also someone might be sitting down doing something tangibly related to his/her personal or work-life. At times, knowing what matter to do is more important than know what to do. When you know what productivity is, been productive is as easy as simple arithmetic’s. It's a pity, some people are so serious-minded to the point that, they find it difficult to cross-examine their personal life, or having time for fun, or even monitor the spiritual wellbeing of their life. In this post today, we are examining things that are productive but which are seeing as lazy period.

Meditation: meditation is one of the best tools available for man. Creative skills are discovered in creative thinking, no career succeed without creative skill. Things are now are once created before, we are only re-presenting them with unique package. Therefore any time used for productive thinking, is significantly worthwhile, the time used for digging deep is a time use to the advantage of the 'thinker'. But take note, it must be a constructive thinking.

Time Of Exercise: if there has been any medicine that work wonder but which is free, it could be exercise. A time used for turning yourself might seems wasted but its not. Body need tuning. Just as engine need servicing. A time used for stretching your part is not

Time Of Productive Mix-Up: going social is sweet. Making a productive mix-up has the potential to get things in order, and better ways of coping with life. The reason why some see it as a wasted time is because, it doesn’t relate to their ‘business’ and it always full of extra-career discussions, no business or career ideas were discussed. Though this is true but a time to have a sense of belonging with your ‘surroundings’’ is always worthwhile at last.

Time Use For Showing Love: most of the time, while you find your self extending hand of love to fellow human being, such a time count for good. Love make the world go round, setting time to express love for people in your life is a great thing to do. Not a wasted time. 

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