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8 Sure Fire Tips That Help You To Achieve Your New week's Resolutions’-(Even When It Seems Impossible)

6 Sure Fire Tips That Help You To Achieve Your New week's Resolutions’-(Even When It Seems Impossible) 

Resolution! At one time or the other, New Year, new month or new week resolution is a popular ‘ceremony’; its what you and I do often. This is when yourself and other people highlights brilliant and 'worthy-to-achieve' promises. Career uplifting promises, family and personal life promoting and transforming confessions. This is when you hear people exchanging the most popular slogan of that time, 'new year new system' or 'new month, new style' and other admirable 'jingles'.  Having a New week/month’s resolution is a great way to kick off the year. But it’s a pity too many people jump off the boat quick.
Sometimes they will last a month, some will even make it to few closer days but majority of people will certainly quit before they see any results. With over-the-head statistic, the ratio of those who achieve their resolution (and those who missed it) is as little as 1 to 5 (1:5). You will see that the figure is unfortunately amazing.

For someone like me, making resolution is not part of me. It's not that I am not 'success-minded', it’s only because, I knew already that getting (transforming) an imagination into tangible 'stuff' is far more serious than 'ordinary' mouth confession. There is more job to be done in building a boat, (other) than cutting down the log. However, achieving a resolution is just as simple as making them-if proper principle is followed. In fact, bringing all your resolution to life is as simple as how you make them. In this post today, you and I will learn how to get our weekly resolution achieved.

1.Be Realistic

What does it means, to be 'realistic'? It only means, ‘facing the fact on what you want’, it means sitting down and think-it-through. Perform an analytic reasoning, conduct fact finding meditation, on what you want to do. This is thinking it through on what you want to do exactly, what is it that thing you want to get done.
Step 2-why you want to get it done: 'behind everything there is something', what are the reason why you want to achieve that thing. Convincing yourself on what you want to do is the best source of motivation.  
What can you do to make it happen and what are the things you must do to let it come to reality, at time, it might be studying, learning a skill, embarking on research, consulting an expert or even going to school. This is one of the first step and the most critical step you must make,
  • I could remember in 2010 when I failed in a college entrance examination, I am realistic to myself, I then try to face the bitter truth that ‘I failed’ and that the only thing I need, is for me to restart studying or start my study afresh. I then go ahead to take the ‘true-but-painful steps one after the other. One of the first thing I did was, buying necessary text book and going to ‘extra moral class’ at the end of the day, I scored about two third of the overall mark. What has helped here was ‘facing the fact and enduring the pain’-because to have any gain pain is unavoidable.

  • Don’t forget the saying that says ‘no pain no gain’
    it’s a pity that this is the place some people are fallen to the pit of failure. They try to look for shortcut, just as someone say one day that, ‘there is no shortcut to success, the only shortcut to success leads to shortcomings’. Be realistic with your resolution (know what you want, know the ‘hot-sweat’ it will cost you, or the financial ‘give-out’ you need to make, and endure to enjoy what you want) and you will see that you will have a better chance of achieving your resolutions. However at the end, the effort that your resolution demand worth it.


2. Do “Every Day Trick”
getting your resolution after you have been realistic is as simple as 1, 2, 3. This is because getting what you pronounce only cost you to follow certain practical rule, and what is this rule? the rule says, ‘perform every day trick’ One of the greatest thing you can do and which is best-ever strategy of getting things done, is to make sure at every day, you do one thing that take you a bit closer to what you want to achieve.
One of the greatest thing that help every successful people to get their target, is doing little thing that add to realization and possibility of getting their goal (on a daily basis). For instance, let say you make a resolution of clearing all your debt and have ‘coins-left-over’, the daily task you can do that really help is for you to read leaves of magazines or books that are finance related, reading website/blog-post that are saving and finance related. Or even brainstorming, on the best ‘spending’ pattern that best work for you: because different personality with different financing pattern, different lifestyle with different spending pattern as circumstance dictated.

Or let say, you aimed at becoming one of the most successful public speaker in your country, (the each-day- magic you can employ is that) you need to have at least three hours reading each day, and also to read books that deals with skills of public speaking, as well as to consult expert on how to build confidence in yourself, etc. doing this everyday, eventually after six month you would be amazed on what you would have achieved if done on right and regular basis. You need to know that ‘not how far but how well’ and also a good-success is achieved overtime and not over-night so by doing little trick each day you will not get ordinary success but excellent and outstanding result on anything you wish to achieve.

3.Tell A Friend

A good way to feel the drive to succeed is to tell a friend all your resolution. The reason for this is that, after you have told a friend you won’t want to disgrace yourself, you will know that you need to find all means to achieve what you promised to achieve, just to rescue yourself from shame. However, You will need to make yourself accountable for your actions are and so it is crucial that you focus on finding a friend that you can trust or a friend that motivate you (because, as you know there are rotten ones among them) so for this reason, you need to know the type of friend you relate your issues with. You must choose them wisely and selectively.  This shouldn’t be a friend that judge you (unreasonably all the time) or who always find fault in everything you do, friend that always tell you reasons you cannot be successful at what you are doing. Friends that can even be interested in your dreams but who will tell you ‘is not the time yet’ (friends that waste time and life). Friend that motivate you to do more, are the one you need, those that will give you the best idea, or those you can imitate to succeed in whatsoever you do are the one that worth going around with. When you give them one reason to give up, but those who will give you one hundred reason to move on (and never to give up), these are the kind of friend that you need. However, in the absent of none, be the best friend to yourself, motivate yourself, talk to yourself and give yourself clear reasons why you can succeed in what you do.

4. Always Be Up-And-Doing; in the open page of this article I made mention of something that, ‘I never love restitution’, this is not because of pride or anything, but because I am tired of seen multitude making restitutions and never get it achieved. In fact it baffles me. And even pains me to the marrow. Its not that some peoples’ restitution is too big or too pleasant, neither was it too small nor too dangerous, it’s only because they are not up-and-doing. Making restitution might involve lazy position like making it in the comfort of your sofa-chair, but mind you, getting it done might cost you a measure of sweat and sacrifice. You need to be up-and-doing, you need to know how to do thing as soon as possible, you need to come to the reality that ‘timeliness pays than tireless effort at time’, when you need to do something now, and you refuse to do it, it might not pay or yield anything later even if you use the best of your effort or the strongest of your potential.

5. Make Sacrifice: hope you are familiar with the meaning of this? But making this sacrifice doesn’t require of you to make any killing or burning. What does it require of you? It requires you giving in all you know can get you ‘there’ as swift as possible. Most especially two certain sacrifices are ultimately and almost related to fulfillment of all restitution.
The first one is money, and the second one is time. For money, at time, for you to get ‘that thing’ you are pursuing, you need to ‘expend’ out some penny (truth be told). For instance, if your resolutions relate to something you can outsource, you need to do so, you shouldn’t bother yourself by trying to do-it-all because you pretend to know-it-all. Giving a task to an expert hand pays a lot. This is because, that is what they do to make a living; they do it all days and night, its part of them. So doing it effortlessly, efficiently and error-free is not a challenge to them. They are living on & by it. Giving them work to do, while necessary is an added advantage for you. You will enjoy best service done for you while you are snoring. The second sacrifice is money, just as it has reflected from the above elucidation, making ‘cash sacrifice’ where necessary will get you where you want sooner than you expect.

7. Maneuver Things: Your resolution is as readily achieve, just as the level of flexibility of your philosophy. Not all techniques are effective for all ‘battle’, the one that work against goliath might not work for Alexandria the great. Think fast maneuver things quickly as the situation demands. Been rigid will never position you for success. Learn to change gear. Your style of action must be tune when things are not going as you want it as spontaneous as possible. Think creatively, act sensitively, respond positively and implement ideas productively. At times your effort is nothing if you can not make the necessary adjustment.

6. Account During The Journey: what have seen in life is that ‘successful people always take record of seasons and events, especially as the days of their life goes by A. K peter’. One of the surest signals for a fruitful journey is ‘account taking and analyses. It’s good to look at your achievement at a glance as time rolls by. At regular and appropriate interval make it a habit to trace your ‘course’ backward. This in turn, will help you to know which error not to make again, what correction to make, when to change things and pattern of operation and when to put in more effort where necessary.

10. Commit Them In Supplications: spiritual world do exists, according to your spiritual affiliation try to list all your resolution before your creator. Command what you want in your life from the spiritual world. All physical things are always been established from the spiritual world. So try to clear-state all you want in your prayer, because prayer works.


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