Thursday, 7 July 2016

10 Highly Successful People’s Habit That Worth Copying

There are many things that can be termed as greatness, which ranges from power, wisdom, education, wealth and riches, sense of judgment, humanitarian works and other things. The great thing about this is that at most time the great people are those who are assumed to have lived life worth emulating and copying. The following are the attitudes of great people that worth imitate

1. They Stay Cheerful. Happiness is a decision. Decide to be happy, instead of seeking to be happy seek ways to decide to be happy, because all faces of life contains reasons for weeping but your decision to be happy will help you live a life worth living.
Don't waste energy on the things you can't control. Show me a successful man and I will show you a happy man. There is a great hope in a happy now.

2. They Progress. Don't waste time feeling
sorry for yourself. Forgiveness is key. Invest your energy in the present and preparing for the future. A wasted time is the time spend on regret and self pity.

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3. They Keep Control. Don't give any other
person the control of your life. Control your own
emotions. Whatever anybody might say its for him/her, great people only concern themselves less on what people say about them. One thing you should know is that how many people tell you before they did what they did, so why do you allow what they say to direct what you want to do. Don’t shift your life to suit what others say, in that, you cannot satisfy them no matter what you may do, human need is insatiable.

4. They Embrace Change. Change brings
growth and allows you to move forward in life.
Change is not something to be scared of. Charles Darwin (the evolution scientist) says ‘the survival of the animal species is not the most intelligent or the most energetic but those who are sensitive to change’. Which means that your ability to remain relevant in whatever you do is your ability to shift your mind towards meeting new changes that take place.

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5. They Accept Responsibility. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. Accept responsibility for your actions, learn and move forward.

6. They Celebrate Others Success. The success of others will not hold you back, only a
negative attitude to their success will do that. Celebrating others success gives you an inspiration to pursue yours and make it more realizable when you celebrate with other people because their success make it more certain that you will achieve yours.

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7. They Are Willing To Fail. Turn the times you
fail in to lessons to help you grow. The only time
you can completely fail is when you don't try. Though this might seems bad but those who have succeed in one area of life are those who know that failure is inevitable, they believe that for you to succeed you need to expect failure which is the lesson aspect of success manual.

8. They Don't Believe The World Owes Them Something. They are the set of people who never ask what their environment, society, religion or government can do for them, rather they ask what they can do to make their surroundings more interesting. They always look out for an opportunity to put ‘life’ into life of those around them everywhere they are. They love to be the change they wish to see in the change. They always spread good tidings, they are not melancholy.  

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9. They Have Patience. They don't always
expect immediate results. They know that no matter how digitalize the world might be, the standard of success can never be fast-tracked, catalyzed or short-circuited, so they belief that patience is a great virtue. In all things there is always a place of patience.

10. They Use Their Thoughts Productively.
Negative thoughts are replaced with productive thoughts.
What fills your mind controls your life. They know that one of the wrong use of mental effort is the one used for bad thought and imaginations, not because of anything but because it has a lasting effect on body physical and psychological wellbeing.

11.They Share. They don't have scarcity mentality. Life is about contribution. True knowledge is the best gift anyone can give. Always share knowledge just as the bible record the three servant of whom their master gave gift, the first one traded with his ten gift and gain ten more, so also the one with five gain five more and the one with ‘one gift’ hide his own and was get punished. Successful people are those who belief in sharing meaningful knowledge and gaining more fruitful result. Because life is not contain in receiving but in giving.


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