Thursday, 7 July 2016

Spiritual Productivity- 2 Spiritual Tool To Speed Up Your Success In Life - Which Really Cost Nothing No Effort

There is no overstatement in it that, at some time, all what we want is more than our capacity. Its true that, we are motivated at times to do unseeingly impossible task and achieve unachievable goals. But its turn out to be impossible after some time. Along the line when things suddenly turns hard and harder, when reaching the destination of goals seems farther, when getting the desired result appears 'practically impossible'. At this time what you think you can achieve in few seconds, seems achievable in years.
However, when things like this happens one of the brilliant thought that comes to heart is 'how can I see help and achieve this goal or dream'. All well and good, (and at times), not all good thing 'cost a penny', at the moment when issues overturn, there are some help station that we can consult - which really work but cost nothing. In this post, we are examining the best 'help station' to consult when your goal is going nonredeemable.

Faith: just as the good book says, 'faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen-Heb 11:1 (NLT)'. What does this means? The straight meaning is to have a 'good-hope'. Good hope is to have a standing expectation that what you aimed at will surely be achieved one day. It the belief that what you want will come around in expected and due time. In the road to success, there are dark period, silent time, upside seconds that tends to question our determination to achieve what we are pursuing. This is the time we described as the dark period-when thing are hard.
In a time like this, faith is one of the essential weapon to win the battle. Naturally there are forces within and without that fight against success. This is true because, its amazing to find someone who is over-zealously determine to pursue a certain career to give up in no time, someone that has burning inspiration to climb a ladder of success now found to lose interest (totally) in moving ahead at it. Having the good hope is what you do when you give yourself more reasons why it will be done rather that judging your success with what you see (environment, family status) and circumstantial evidence. Good hope is what will drive you to tell yourself that, even if others are not succeeding there is chances for you that you will. It's what will ginger you to believe that, despite the fact that you have not get it doesn't say its impossible, its only you have not use the techniques that works. Hope it the rope through which you can hang on, when the ladder of success got broken.  One of the best thing to know is that when hope is lost, 'all' is lost. When someone lose hope, he will end up in rope.
H-holding on in tough time to see the impossible
O-organize when thing seems disorganized
P-persevere, positively positioned in the mind to see possibility in impossible
E-expectant enough to see the result happening sooner that later.
You see that when hope is lost, one is only existing and not really 'living'.

Good Work- just as I use to tell my siblings, 'what you can do, God will never do it for you', 'your responsibility is your responsibility'. As a student (for instance), your responsibility is to read, God's responsibility is for you to help you to secure a fruitful academic & life success after all the hustle.  There is popular slogan from 'the book of the books', that 'faith without work is dead', when you solicit spiritual help, you must make a provision for its physical fulfillment. The good work is translated to mean, committing the right effort in order to see the desired outcome. Giving the proper labor to reap the expected good fruit (of labor). It means been concerned and doing the right and result driven 'struggle'. For instance, for a journalist to get up the ladder of his profession, it require of him to take additional college course, seminars, conferences, webinars and professional exhibitions-in his field. That is an example of good work, work directed towards getting desired result. At times, this require been realistic, i.e. Knowing what you want, what it will cost you and like what time. Not all good thing are spontaneously achieved. Some take days, months and even decades-so expecting overnight success is contrary to the good-work-ethics. Driving all your strength toward the right direction is what it meant to be doing the good work.

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