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Desk Productivity- 10 Ways Of Increasing Work-Desk Productivity

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Taking a look at an average office worker or work at home mom, there are some challenges that stand right on their way to getting stuff done. What are these things? As an office worker or work at home mum, one of the thought that arrest their thinking atmosphere, is the thought of ‘how can I get things done as quick as possible or get more done in less time’. This is because getting enough time left to attend to other thing is very crucial. Also, overcoming work-related discomforts (problems) like; back pain, waist pain, chest pain and the likes. In the US, for the month of April 2016, about 122.74 million people were employed on a full-time basis alone (Source: Statista dot com). With this statistics it means there are more population involve in this condition, comparing with workers from other continent and countries.  Taking a look at the productivity tips today (for office worker), we shall examine possible solutions for these.

Make The Skeleton: I don't know what you will call it. Weather to-do-list or list of agenda. Making list of what you want to do is one of the best way of starting out brilliantly. Doing this do many good.
·        It gives you a clear way of action.
·        It tells you what to do next (without putting the dog before the horse).
·        With list, you know how to apportion time for each task in such a way that it would allow you to manage your time effectively.

Work on Distractions!

Whenever you don’t feel like writing, ask yourself a question; “Do I want to do something  else?” Most of the times there are distractions that stop us from doing a good piece of work.
There are things that have no value and importance but we still feel like doing them. For example, when you sit to write a meeting agenda, you may feel an intense urge to check your Facebook  notifications. Although, things like these are not important, but a single distraction can affect the quality of your work. The right thing is to perform those tasks first. Once you take those tasks out of your mind by giving them sometime, you will be able to devote all your energy and creativity to your remaining tasks.

Arrange Your Desk Wisely: can you do work on your laps? Or can you do it on bare ground? I can hear you saying, no. if the answer is no, then you need to get something like desk to work on. Let say you have your desk already, arranging it wisely means, placing the right object to the right place (within the working-platform). When you know your work for that day might call for frequent use of stapler, you need to put it to the closest distance around the desk, also when your work require frequent use of perforator. Doing the desk arrangement with common sense is what is referred here to as arranging the desk wisely. Safe yourself of standing now-and-then, put most use ‘tool’ at close distance. Arrange them closer by their order of importance. Save more energy by correct placing of your work materials.

Surroundings And Situations

You may not believe it, but the surroundings and situations you are in, have a direct effect on the quality of your performance. Small things like your room’s temperature, your mood and your health can affect your performance. You need to understand that there are times when you just cannot write. When you are under uncomfortable situations, try to overcome them. If there is not much that you can do, then simply stop writing. Once the situation gets back to normal, you may continue writing.

Be Careful Of Deadlines:

Deadlines for the completion of work have different effects on different people. There are people who feel more productive when they have to complete the work on some given time. Whereas, there are a few people who feel too stressed when they are forced to complete their task on a given date, for they want to have freedom of writing whenever they want. People should work on deadlines according to their natures. It is understood that you will face deadline quite often. If you feel ok to work under stress, carry on. However, if deadlines upset you, then you should start working much before the deadline so that you can complete your task before getting too stressed.

Try New Tools:

Some people use simple tools like pen and paper for writing, some use other tools like typewriter, desktop computer and laptop. No matter what you use, you will not disagree with the fact that a little change is usually good. Try changing your tool and it can help you in bringing new ideas and you never know you can be more productive with new tool.

Get up and stretch regularly.

You might think that getting up keeps one away from work and distracts from the task at hand, but think again. When you get up and stretch, you relieve stress on your body and mind. With fewer distress signals to bother it, your brain can become more efficient than it could have if you just slogged through the aches. The trick is to pause your work in a way that you will find it easy to resume from. If your work was a set of math problems, then you should pause after completing a problem, not while in the middle of one.

Take A Break:

All writers need breaks. You should know when to take a break. There are times when you should just stop and keep writing task aside. You are a human and you won’t be highly productive all the time. So it’s better to take breaks. Who knows, you may write the article of your lifetime after you get refreshed by a break.

posture, posture, posture! Posture which is defined as how the body is positioned. Weather while; sitting, sleeping, walking, running or anything else. Postures are significant. That is why we were thought good sitting posture while we were still small. Postures can cause or relieve of health defects. This is because correct posturing has the ability to assist normal body functioning, so also bad posturing can ruin health. For an office work for instance, good sitting posture must be adhere to. This is because it involves long moment of sitting, which is why correct positioning of body part is essential. While sitting the back position must be straight, the body must not bend or lean, sitting on a chair the body part must form an ‘h” structure with the back leg of the chair. The neck also must be well positioned. Doing this will help to prevent work-related pains and discomfort like back or chest pains. Research has shown that, most cases of back and chest pains can be prevented by good posturing of the body-most especially at all time. This you should emulate right from your bedroom, which means before getting out of the home.
These are the few suggestions for you to improve your productivity as a writer. Even the best writers do follow these advices.

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