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Top 11 Reasons You Are Not Effective And Efficient As You/Employer Want

Top 11 Reasons You Are Not Effective And Efficient As You Want

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Efficiency or getting more done are both synonymous, this is because someone who is efficient is someone who is skillful in whatever he/she does, and ability to do this will position such a person for a greater accomplishment in less time. At ones job, no one ever think of been lazy or indolent, we all try to do all task possible so as to realize our set goals maybe on our career business or personal life so as to have something to show off when someone intent to count his achievement. But truly there are things that militating against efficiency. These are at times seems insignificant but in real sense they have a great impact on weather we move forward or stagnant in our work life endeavors. Some make effort to achieve a goal but never get it done, there also other people who are skillful in synthesizing good imagination, crafting out millions-of-dollars worth of ideas but with all these all is gone all because of efficiency in their lifestyle.
In this post today, we are examining the ways and reasons why people are less effective as require for success journey.

Your EQ Is Low: lacking good emotional intelligent management is a great treat. EQ, which is emotional intelligence means the ability to know what and thing that are capable of bringing you down or raising you up emotionally. What bring you down might be an abuse you need to stay away from any environment this can pass through, so also that one that raise you up. Failure to know these thing are precursor that, you will suffer a set-back in your effectiveness in you work-life.

You Are Not Good In Making Work Plans: all things is based on plan. God itself said, 'Come Let CREATE man in our own image', which means the master creator with all HIS might never do things without planning. For you to achieve significant success in limited time in life you need to be a good planner that is skillful in fore-sighting, imagination and manipulation of imaginations to reality. If this is not possible, effectiveness is not achievable. 

You Always Over Seek Perfection: seeking perfection in what you do is good and adorable but too much must not be put into it. At times you need to make mistake, it all part of success. Without mistake there is no way to discover new things in what you are doing. In fact, making mistakes is not a big deal, not correcting the mistake is the big crime.

You Procrastinate: effectiveness and procrastination are like two parallel lines that can never meet. Been ‘procastinative’ in actions bereave someone of tangible achievement. Effectiveness require active and instant in actions and reaction. When you are fond of putting task to the ‘next’ date, you are likely to be effective as you want.

You Are Disturbed: just like other things that require enabling environment. Achieving high productivity also attract enabling environment, but an unsettled mind, divided mind and partial concentration are all enemy of meaningful accomplishment.

You Are Easily Distracted By Little Failure: one interesting thing about success is that its best ingredient is failure, an item we hate. If there will be tangible achievement there is possibly a failure like it. Been carried away by this, is a sign of been trap in the snare of unproductively.

You Never Learn To Appreciate the little you do, so as to gain more inner personal power to do more. There is power in appreciation, appreciating your effort sometimes go a long way to inspire you, seen thing you have done inspire your inner energy, you find much reasons to press forward and making the necessary improvement.

You Care More For Quantity And Not Quality; at most time, large numbers doesn’t matter, which means getting much done is not as important as getting quality things done or doing task with high accuracy.

You Are Weak In Meditation And Creativity; there is no surprise that those that are highly effective are those that are gifted in meditations and creativity. The truth is that, improving what you do through creative thinking and resourceful thinking is none negotiable.

You Don't Know How To Check And Balance: in life, all things are of two versions, positive and negative. However, all work and no play (they said) it make jack a dull boy. When you work, stretching out your bone is a normal practice but all because of doing your day job, denying your self this opportunity might rub your the potential to move ahead and stay productive.

You Are Not Good At Rejecting Calls And Attentions- for you to try to attend to all task there of, will certainly reduce your efficiency. Trying to attend to much things at a time pervert attention and the diffuse concentration is never capable enough to bring any tangible effectiveness

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