Sunday, 3 July 2016

When You Do This 5 Things You Are Only Active But Lazy

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In life, one of the greatest things anyone (just like me) never want to be attributed to them is laziness. This is because for someone to be called lazy it means he is not active as required. It might also mean other thing but what does laziness really means. Wikipedia dot org, define laziness as the disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to act or exert oneself. The reference dictionary define it as the 'conducive to inactivity or indolent'. While, dictionary dot com define it as the averse or disinclined to work. All said and cleared, by all these laziness is what happens when you under perform or underuse your physical or mental potential. This is when physical and psychological know-how is under utilized or minimally explored for the sake of unnecessary comfort. Just as the case is, lying idle however doesn't means laziness, this is because a time use for meaningful meditation to bring about significant change in an endeavor cannot be termed as a wasted time or time used in idleness. The truth therefore is that the issues is 'two-faced', it is undeniable that, a time use for work-out is a wasted or lazy time. Though it seems so, but its really not. For someone to be productive you need to know what laziness is, what hard working is and lastly what it means to be active but lazy. 
There are many worker but successful worker are few, this is because successful worker are the set of people that are not actively lazy.
In this piece we are examining the traits of active but lazy worker.

You Work Alone: success life other good thing has principle, what must be done before its achieved. So also when you find yourself working for the sake of been active, when you never think that, what you are doing, does it capable of giving you the dreamed result at the long run? Or may be you need to re-channel your effort so that your goal will be sooner realizable. Working alone without checking your direction of effort is a standing sign that you are productively active.

When You See No Reason To Shuffle Your Style: a smooth sea never make skillful sailor, another sure sign of working but doing nothing personality is that of adamant to only one working style. This is inability to try out new ways and methods of doing things right. Reluctant to trying out less-stress ways of getting things done or better ways of presenting old things in a new form.

Recording Too Much Left Over Tasks: have you ever seen someone who claim not to be lazy but, pile up unfinished task? Such a person is in the category of active but lazy people. The assumed effort of getting stuff done might compel someone to abandon a work-to-do and its a straight symptoms of indolent.

Seen What You Suppose To Do As 'Trouble Unto You' Or A Burden: to some people what they are require mandatory and statutory to do sometimes appear to be a burden onto them, and is a sign of lazy bone and of a lazy nerve. While its good to do your apportioned task, seen it as load on you is an anti-productive traits.

Getting Less Sleep Than Recommended: unfortunately this one seems opposite but its perfect with what we are talking about. For someone to be actively lazy, it means he or she is cheating on nature all because of work life. Telling you that, a recommended sleep hour for an average adult is 8 hours is not a new thing to you. However, getting a lesser one that prone you to be susceptible to dizziness, headache, weakness, and other sleep-deprivation related symptoms will all lure someone into under-performance which we later termed as laziness. For the sake of getting on, on daily routine, trying to short-circuit 'nature' is a not-good idea, after all the after 'act' effect cannot be escape. 

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