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Breaking: 7 REAL But Unnoticed Reason You Always Feel Tired Easily(And Solutions)

Breaking: 7 REAL But Unnoticed Reason You Always Feel Tired Easily(And Solutions)

Whenever I woke up in the morning, the greatest thought in me is to do all works that is to be done that day; I always go out with an intention to accomplish all schedule task available. It’s when I get to the workplace that I witness another thing else. Even after waking up (sometimes), or after meal (especially high cabs diets), at some time its when i finish my workout: this in opposite direction reduce the 'do-all-tasks' energy within me, I then grew up to ask the golden question, 'why do we feel tired during the work-day?'

Without any doubt, whether male or female (as gender maybe concerned) all feel tired at one point or the other during work life or personal living. But as how? This is what happens when you lack the energy to do things you have vowed you will do in the morning, its also what happens when you feel 'broken-joint' from inner 'you' and unable to push things through energetically. However it's what you experience when your interest in doing more task 'faded-out', and at worst,  tiredness is what might push you into using hard drugs and been addicted to it ( which is done so as to acquire the needed 'muscle' to get things done effectively).

In severe cases, tiredness usually cause, irritation, partial or total loss of concentration, emotional instability, body weaknesses, headache, loss of consciousness (faint), poor reasoning faculty, it might also transform into depression-that might, at some time trigger suicide, among others.

But, 'can this scenarios be spontaneous or without cause? What should have been the course of it? In this post today, we are taking a look at, reasons behind frequent and often tiredness.

Diet Abuse: one of the most widely 'sayings' says, 'in-put determines out-put', one of the ultimate thing we cannot do without is eating. This is because we eat to live, and whatever we ate directly or indirectly affect how we feel and how better/worse we cope with life. What does diet abuse means, 'diet abuse simply implies the wrong approach to whatever we 'take in'. Good dieting is taking all six classes of food in the right proportion, diet abuse is taking too much of single food class. Diet abuse significantly common now than ever, this is because as automated as the world becomes, people are now more interested in getting things done more spontaneously, this is what has push people into eating 'miracle-meals' in fact, while it's good to know that no matter how modern things might turn to be, there are certain things that never changed (i.e. They can never be modernized). These ‘over-processed-ready-made’ recipes has exposed people to consuming processed sugar that render body 'power-down' when introduced to body system. Apart from this, obesity and other cardiovascular ailments can spring from this 'sweet enemy' that’s present inside this diet.

  • only learn to eat healthier
  • Eat more of things that grow on tree as you age
  • Fusion recipe is a choice for interesting natural taste and nutrient

Emotional Imbalance: when it comes to the reason for frequent 'function collapses', when 'work-time' is still on, one of the best thing to consider is, the emotional state. Someone's current and immediate state of mind has allot to do with weather such a person will have vigor to get things done. For instance, compare the strength of someone who emerge winner of an Oscar award, to that of a person who has just lost one of his 'loved' one: its clear-cut that their emotional state is far from equal and their state of 'energy' is superior to each other. While the one that has just missed his bosom, might not be bale to lift 'car key', his other colleague can lift his mentor up the air (showing ‘delightness’ and enthusiasm), that’s why the Good book says, 'a merry (happy, joyful) heart does good like medicine. But a broken (unhappy, bitter) spirit dries the bones' Proverb 17:22. Emotional imbalance results from: holding grudges,
over thinking (chain-thinking),
anxiety and fear,
night mares and other things, all these is capable to cause emotional-turmoil which consequently trigger tiredness-when it ought not to surface.

  • stop taking thing too personal
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others
  • Over thinking kills-do away with it
  • Simplify life by living a simple life

Sleep Deprivation: sleep is one of the essential part of human healthy living. Just as the engine of a car, working tirelessly, body system needs rest including the brain and other essential organ. As the popular saying goes, ‘body is not a log (firewood)’, sleep is the state where the body get all the necessary vigor it need. Let look at sleep from medical point of view. Sleep is a state which alternates with wakefulness, and in which awareness and responsiveness to the environment are reduced. While it’s good to follow the word from the good book that says, ‘little sleep, little slumber makes the poverty flourish (much)’.
However, what its means is getting the right sleep at the right time. Therefore sleep deprivation is the act of getting less sleep recommended necessary for good health. A study from the national sleep foundation of the united state says, each week night, adult have a hour and six minute less of normal 8 hours sleep expert recommend (and each weekend almost half an hour left); and in a year, that adds up to about 330 hours of lost rest. Most people know that sleep deprivation might make them easily irritable but are dangerously unaware to the implication of it on their health, a new research show that, sleep might be the third essential component of a long and healthy life, up there with a good diet and regular exercise.
David Dean of the University of Pennsylvania says, “society is been victimized by not getting enough sleep, our productivity, our safety, our health, are at risk”, sleep deprive multitude are cutting short in natural reading are begin in the evening when the melatonin is release in the brain a hormone that tells you its time to go to bed. Researchers are beginning to understand what we lose when we lose by giving up our sleep. Losing sleep hamper our wellbeing.
In 1999, H. Van Counter a sleep researcher, at the University of Chicago publish a ground breaking in the university’s medical journal; it shows in the study that young men who slept for less than 4 hour for 6 night had impaired glucose tolerance in their blood-after testing their blood sample after the study and that they are in ‘Pre-Diabetic State’. This means sleep deprivation might trigger diabetes. Also, in the research it was reveal that sleep debt can cause obesity, and poor immune response in the body-which is a sign that the body is having trouble in fighting infection.      


  • Avoid Caffeinated drink at late evening
  • Sleep i unlighted room
  • Dis-entangle yourself of all body gadgets, wrist watch, necklace, etc.
  • Put away all gadget that easily arrest mental attention like PC, Mobile phones etc
  • Make sure the room is ventilated very well
  • Wear loose night wear
  • Stop any murmuring (ongoing) in your heart and focus on 'I want to sleep' alone
  • Say your prayers

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Mal-Drinking: to some people, so far they hold money, they can drink whatever they want, but at times it's evil. Taking (any) alcoholic drink is mal-drinking. Contrary to some people's belief that alcohol is indeed a stimulant and energy booster, it has actually been found that alcohol is never a stimulant but a depressant. People follow the black-ideology that drinking alcohol before work make them stay alert, smart, energetic and resilient, but which is actually not. This is because over time, it has been found that alcohol render someone psychologically incapable ( i.e. loss of personal control on someone's sense of reasoning), frequent Tiredness quicker than before, loss of appetite, resorting issues into destructive conclusion (rather than constructive mode of settling 'cracks'), among other things. Any advice that encourages 'mal-drinking' is an idea that make someone powerless.

Less Hydro In The Container: with other factors, one other unnoticed reason why someone might feel the 'sudden power outage' is dehydration.
I could remember, from brief knowledge, i.e. What we learn at college about automation, 'without water in the radiator, the whole engine is on fire (it will overhead and hook-up)'. So also the case is with 'our container' without proper hydration the scenarios is better imagine than experience.
During your working-hours, do you remember when you chose to take a bottle of soda when you feel that 'throat-dry' instead of water? After that 'meal' do you remember how you step-it-down with that fantastic juice? All these and other practices, though supply liquid to the body but do not supply what the body need for proper hydration. The body need about 5-6 litters of water daily. On average, we lose up to two and half litters of water each day, through lung, skin, intestines and through exhalation. We survive living by metabolism in our body cells, and this metabolism is facilitated by the presence of water in the cells. Shortage of water, therefore means, slow rate of metabolism and weak physical strength.

  • Water is an excellent choice, as it is also important to keep well hydrated throughout the day. As an added bonus, it provides you with an excuse to stroll to the water-cooler now and then. Drink it more, and get healthy more.

Untreated Health Issues: one of the less pay-attention-to factor that cause tiredness sometimes is, untreated or non-completely treated health problem. Various research has shown that, after ailment (convalescence period), patient need sufficient rest after completing the recommended medications. However having an untreated sickness is a precursor to poor body performance-especially during work-hour, when the body has to be carried up and down to get stuff done.

  •  whenever you have any ailment, make sure you complete the medication.
  • During the convalescence time make sure you rest to the maximum
  • Take supplement.
  • Always live a healthy lifestyle
  • Be conversant with yourself to know what you should do and never do to stay health

Heavy Meal: All of your body’s energy is being used by your digestive system – Your digestive organs, especially your large and small intestines, require a large amount of energy to work effectively and function properly. After a big food challenge meal, your body is going crazy trying to digest and process the thousands of calories you just quickly consumed. To do this, your brain diverts most of your body’s energy and focus towards digestion. This sends red blood cells over to help break down the food and carry the nutrients throughout the rest of your body. As your intestines spend hours and hours working overtime to metabolize your challenge meal, the rest of your body slows down and relaxes. This is why you feel fatigued and tired during the few hours after your challenge. Your body is exhausting all of its energy trying to digest the big meal.

  • eat in bit
  • Or eat with considerable gap
  • Have a ‘standard’ food time table
  • Take fruits within each meal
  • Improve your mood more by ‘go fasting’ at least once per week


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