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Watch Out: 7 Set Of People You Must Never Relate With– When You Want To Achieve Your Dreams In Life

Watch Out: 7 Set Of People You Must Never Relate With– When You Want To Achieve Your Dreams In Life

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It is a popular belief that human is a social being, which means we live among each other, this give the reason why we make friends, partners and also create relationship among those we love most. We have friends and talk-mate, with other life partners. However, since no one can stand in isolation to live in the bush, but to live with our fellow human being, we will definitely have partner(s), and most interesting thing about any type of partner we might have is that they have a significant impact on what we do with our life after we meet them and do things under there 'togetherness'. A good friend ultimately make a good impact while a bad friend leave signals that is as bad as themselves. Here are the set of people you need to run away from if you are to lead a active, productive and fruitful life.

·      Criticizer
  • Some people criticize no matter what. It does not matter which side you are on, they are always on the other side. They have made a career out of criticizing. They are "career critics." they criticize as if they will win a prize at a contest. They will find fault with every person and every situation. You will find people like this in every home, family, office. They go around finding fault and telling everybody how bad things are and blaming the whole world for their problems. We have a name for these people. They are called energy suckers. They will go to the cafeteria and drown themselves in 20 cups of tea and coffee and smoke to their hearts' content with one excuse: they are trying to relax. All that they are doing is causing more tension for themselves and for others around them. They spread negative messages like a plague and create an environment conducive to negative results.
    • Robert Fulton invented the steamboat. On the banks of the Hudson river he was displaying his new invention. The pessimists and the skeptics were gathered around to observe. They commented that it would never start. Lo and behold, it did. As it made its way down the river, the pessimists who said it would never go, started shouting that it would never stop. What an attitude! Those you should relate with are those who encourage positivity in your life.

  • Men Mountains: these are set of people who do nothing but everything in there capacity to stop you, just as mountains have the ability to stop anybody. They are the set of people that will keep telling you that, you don't need to disturb yourself before you achieve something, they are the set of people who say that if its hard to get, god don't want you to get it done. They can even go extra mile of telling people to warn you to stop what you want to do, they will say because they had known that it is not possible. They are the set of people who will use their words, people and all things they have to distract you. The great idea is that anybody who do not see positive in your future, possibility in your effort and success in your goal does not worth to be partner with if you are serious about living a prosperous life.

  • Snail Men: for us to understand this category of people, let us look at the meaning of snail. Snail is a fresh water animal that moves (glides) with its muscular part of the body, by secreting mucus with extremely low speed, the little ant is more faster than it in more than 20 times. So snail men set of people are those who slow someone down. They are the set of people who waste someone’s time, they never acknowledge the efficacy of timeliness, they waste someone’s life (by wasting ones productive times). They are the set of people that always says, 'their is time', 'it doesn't need', they are the one who will tell you that what you want to do is of no need. There tricks are many, you just have to be vigilant, because they use various trick to get there work done. Please be informed!

  • Devil Journalist: this set of people I call devil journalist are the working encyclopedias of evil events. How can you know them? They are the set of people that wherever they are, they always go around and spreading bad record of things, news, history and facts, for instance, if you are planning of starting a real estate business, this are set of people (you will find) that only talk about how people has go into real estate business and failed. All events of real estate investment failure is already registered in their brain. They are set of people who tells you (indirectly and by style) that rich people are all stingy, hash and are proud in their attitude, that having money is evil and not advisable. They are set of people who never belief in any possibility in life. The are the set of people who will give you one hundred reason why something cannot be done (when you give a single idea of how something can be done). They are the set of people who never belief that better condition can happens, they do not only see the bad side of every situation they will also exaggerate it. They are the set of people that will let you believe (by style), that achieving success or a goal is never possible; they are so endowed that, all fact needed to convince you is all at their disposal. Though this is not intentionally, but it’s because of the kind of their inner man, which is of mediocrity and negativity, which always assumed that nothing is possible. This are type of people worth keeping at distance.

  • Divert Warrior: these are set of people who do all things to make sure that they divert your attention towards success in life and thereby reduce your productivity potentials. They are those people who’s job is to reduce your power-to-pursue-with-full-force.  Let me use an example of student who is hard working in his study, who determine to have A's' in all his papers, if he might come across the divert warrior, they will begin to tell him that if someone does not come out with good grade does not say someone will not be rich in life, they are set of people who will say, 'someone who has ten position have position', or 'someone who has twenty position have position', before you know what is happening, a student who is hardworking before will begin to relax in his study. So also they do in other ways of life. Surprisingly, these set of people is present everywhere. One of the secret of this set of people is that they might not consult someone personally, but might make the evil confession beside you so that someone will buy into their wrong philosophy.

  • Saying But 'No Doing': for you to achieve great productivity in life, these set of people you must expel (completely) from the vicinity of your life and with immediate effect. Who are the set of ‘saying and no doing?’ Have you ever find people who outline great ideas but who never make a move to realize them or have you ever work with someone who loves unveiling nice and brilliant goals to be achieved but who never make a trial of getting them done? These are the set of people we are talking about.
One of the greatest thing to discovered in the road to 'any' success is that, no matter your aims, no matter how powerful your dreams, no matter endowed you are, to dream and imagine good things, without your action its all nothing. However some used to hide under the umbrella of prayers; this is true (of cause, prayers do works), but for you to really get things done you have to do something, God provide food for the birds (though they never work), but they have to look for it (the food). Do not be fooled that, if you can have dream all is glaring, do not be deceived that if you can make plans all is sweet, don't let anyone deceives you that with your imagination, intelligent, and  anything you can think of, is all you need to get things ‘achieved’. The only medicines that has ever work is action, I means real action. Someone said 'for you to succeed you must have dream, but for you to achieve your dream, you must wake up'.

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