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Want To Win More Friends? 5 Simple Things That Make People Prefer You To Others-Win 50 Friends Every Seconds, Now!

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In day-to-day activities its our joy to make people love or admire us, but the truth is that having people to like you is contained in so many things. When people love us we feel more ‘okay’ psychologically, when we know we are loved we feel happy and over-the-moon. But unfortunately if these thing are not known one will find it difficult to make a joyful days because as a human been one of our greatest desire is to get people love us.

The first thing you need to do is to Love Yourself-truth be told, according to the law of attraction, what you call yourself in your mind is how people will call you outside. You need to know that all things apart, what you take yourself to be in your inward man is what people will take you for in the outside. If you take yourself to be someone with huge value in your heart what you will see is that people around you and situation will fall in to do the same. Just as like myself, when I think about the kind of future I want for my self, I then planned to change how I think about myself, I begin to love myself(by appreciating everything about my life), I begin to talk in the manner of the person I want myself to be, and many other things. To be lovable all day, you need to know that the work start with you because one quotes says “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Its easy, start treating yourself nicely, appear elegant-don’t just put on anything, speak lovingly and you will be amaze about what follows.

Be Lively: what is the meaning of this? Been lively is when you create an atmosphere that people love to be in everywhere you go. This is when you are such a person that do things that make others happy without offending their privacy. To say the truth, taking a look at challenges and difficulties of life it will seems impossible, but may I tell you, everybody on earth is dealing with his/her own. You need to know that some of the things that make up life are challenges (which can never be avoided by anyone). The only solution is to find a means of coping with these challenges and difficult times, one of which is to be lively to people around you. Laugh and joke, be approachable in all manners and morals, be hospitable, dispense kind words always all these will help you to add meaning to life itself

Celebrate People: frankly speaking, these seems to appear ridiculous but in the light of truth this has been found to be one of the greatest law of attraction of all time. This don’t happen ordinarily but because human nature loved to be praised and cherish (just as human nature hates to be correct harshly). Appreciating and celebrating people help to gain people’s tender kindness-even if you are enemies before. Its good to let you know that, celebrating people is a two way function, you get elated while the other people get happy also, just as the saying goes that ‘ the only way to be happy is to give it out to people around you’. There are great magic in celebrating others, just as you know how it feels when people appreciate and celebrate you whenever you do something fantastic.

Mix Up Easily: its like the earlier point (i.e. been lively), but it’s a bit different, when you mix up easily, you mix up with people anywhere you get to as soon as possible, especially when it’s a new place you have never been before. While getting to new atmosphere, some people always have the habit of isolating themselves and later to complain that people never love them. We are in the world of freedom, people move close to people who never think they are more superior or of high class, be wise mix-up easily and you will be amaze on how great people will love you.

Love; the greatest commandment and greatest form of religion. When talking about these I always talk of one thing i.e. ‘pure love’. Fair love for both people and things around you. A lovable mind towards everything created by God. Love that is never driven by any other things like sex, money, pleasure, gain, etc. if you have this kind of love in your life here are things that will appear in your life, or these are things love will help you to do;

The two leading religious of the world as follows, in Christianity the Holy Bible says “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love. (I john 4:7-8)
The Holy Quran has it that "the Loving One," which is found in Surah [Quran 11:90 ] as well as Surah [Quran 85:14 ]. God is also referenced at the beginning of “every chapter” in the Qur'an as Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim, or the "Most Compassionate" and the "Most Merciful" (meaning: most loving, caring, helpful, compassionate, kindhearted),

  • Love will not allow you to say “me first”.
  • You will believe the best about others.
  • You will not keep the ‘score’ of the bad things that others do to you.(Diary of black record, live is too easy for you to add this to your journey. Love never do things like this.)
  • You will never call anyone bad name.
  • Love will allow you to find simple, easy, kind, gentle, peaceful ways of settling issues, combat or abuse.
  • Love never allow you to be conceited.
  • Love will put up with annoying things that others do.
  • Love won’t allow you to rejoice when others get hurt.
  • Love help out others, even when it’s inconvenient.
  • Does not worry about what it does not have.
  • Does not worry on things he cannot change especially about other people and himself.
  • Belief that other happiness is its own happiness
  • Never quit.  Source: "Stress-free lifestyle:The 777 of happiness (page 102)" by  A.K Peter

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