Sunday, 8 May 2016

Productive Dieting: 5 Eating Habit You Need Now- Optimize Yourself To Work Faster Smarter

Productive Dieting: 5 Eating Habit You Need Now- Optimize Yourself To Work Faster Smarter

Have you ever hear anyone complaining of frequent tiredness? Have you ever traced it to its dieting pattern? It used to happen to me like any body else, that after I take some kind of recipe, I will be in ‘still mood’ till that stuff dissolves from my belly; this I noticed has been happening for quiet a long time ago. But after personal and interpersonal inquiry I find out that its not only limit to my case alone, that it happens to everyone, (who might come against the correct rule of productive dieting.  Having a smart body for a smart outfit is one of the best ingredients of a productive life; this is because the body is the container that houses the entire organ we use in doing our everyday work. However, since what we eat is what makes us, what we consume, therefore, has the ability to make or break our work-life or work-day. Input determines what the output will be, a wrong feeding habit has a bad effect on overall performance of our body system.
Like other medical advice it was advised that right living habit has a lot to do with longevity, wellness, proper body functioning, healthy skin and other things.
Today’s discussion will be centered on dining habit that guaranteed a smart body. 

Eat In Bit: eating in bit rather than a great deal of food at a sitting. It has been proven that eating in reasonable interval in small quantity helps the body to stay fit and less heavy.

Skip Not The ‘First Bit’: when you ever think maintaining a fitted body, try not to miss the first meal of the day. Research has shown that we loose about 80% of the body energy during the night sleep, that is why its advisable not to miss breakfast so as to replenish the lost vigor.

Take In Not Only Quantity But Quality:
jus as I always said, 'do not just eat, but eat 'content-riched' stuffs. When you know that whatever you eat go a long way to determine how your body will function, you will know that eating balanced ration is what you need most. The truth is that, as we aged, body system degenerates, body tissues wear and worn out gradually, therefore, eating a nutrient ‘riched’ foods helps to repair, return and rebuild body system from degeneration. Apart from this it also help to improve the body immunity (the body system's ability to fight germs and disease).

Eat More F And Less P: the fact about the chemicals in food we ate is that, those from natural source is more advisable for consumption than that of processed ones. The 'F' stand for Fruits and the 'P' for Processed foods. Copy an habit of eating more fruits, apart from been the source of natural nutrients and vitamins, it consumption also have an advantages for the bones, digestive tract and a good source of natural fiber and natural calcium: all which contain natural content of no adverse effect. 

Fast: this doesn't require you to be a prophet before you can make use of it, a periodic fasting help you to stay healthy and smart. In a recent research, fasting has been found to be assist in body detoxication. During this period (of fasting), toxics of the body will be released and flush out of the body system. Apart from this, it also help to increase your concentration and co-ordination level.    


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